News The best Circle of the year

The best Circle of the year


Great victory, and in addition to prestige, of the Gijón Circle in a meeting in which he surprised (88-78) the second classified of the LEB Silver League, the Igulatorio Cantabria, after the break. The Gijonese were enough with a superb third quarter to leave almost sentenced a game that began with a continuous come and go of blows, something that the local coach, Nacho Galán did not like anything.

A tight result in the first quarter presaged a more disputed match until the last second. But it was not like that. With a good Adón and the intermittency of Portuguese and Poyatos lending a hand in the offensive facet, Nacho Galán's team did not lose face before a good Cantabria Igualatorio. Ukawuba and Puondak approached only one point to the Gijoneses, but Bordignon led the gap at 5 before the break.

After the resumption, came the reaction of those from Galán who with a partial 11-0 climbed on the shoulders of Cantabria. The game of the locals passed over the Cantabrians without them having any chance of recomposition. Adón commanded the game like nobody before on the court. Reynolds crushed at pleasure and certified the reaction of the locals. The applause was noticed in the Palace, delivered to the team's offensive game. Ángel Moro, with a good participation, added what was necessary so that those of Gijón, who left with a 67-56 to the last room, had the peace of mind of seeing the luminous face.

But Nacho Galán did not trust the slightest of Cantabria. Free throws penalized his team. They let go to limbo a total of eleven pitches throughout the parido. "What would have happened to us if we had been more successful in that facet," Galán wondered after the crash. Well, the Palace would have held a score close to one hundred points for local glory. But it was not what the coach wanted. If they let the marker open, perhaps the result would have opted for the visiting ranks.

This was the last 10 minutes. An inspired Adón and a great Poyatos certified the victory against Cantabria, but they wanted to say something to finish. With a Bordignon that was pulling his own, the centimeters of Karahodzic and a triple of Palazuelos brought David Mangas only two points closer. The Poyatos-Adón connection served to support the team and when the Circle needed it most, the rebounds of a Javier Menéndez appeared, growing under the hoop. He added four in defense and two decisive in attack that prevented the cons of the Cantabrians.

Another triple of the best of the game, Adón, kept the distance at 10 points. The Dominican marked differences throughout the meeting and this was endorsed by the data. It was the best of the game with a rating of 15, with four triples that raised a thousand fans who approached the Palace on a rainy and cold afternoon as few.

Now the pending subject of the Gijonese remains for the next day in Algeciras: win away from home. With this victory the partial is 4-5. Good news.

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