News Stands help the second year with No. 7 The...

Stands help the second year with No. 7 The places get the medal in a 73-55 win over Rhode Island


Three players added a second year to the Terps, giving an insight into the growth of the team that will continue all season on its sophomore heart. Because he intends to do it often this year, the great man Jalen Smith was in charge of the Terps with 19 points and he added 11 rebounds to him. Aaron Wiggins, as one of the players who took a big jump in the season, praised his first double career, finishing with 13 points and 13 rebound. Eric Ayala, who plays with new poise and physical feeling, added 13 points.

“It is a huge difference for our staff with so many people with that experience, being able to go up, be patient, still calm, even when we are down in the first half,” Wiggins said, well after 0-for-6 displaying in the openings. “We got their best shot out of the gate.”

After the first half without scoring, the senior guard Anthony Cowan Jr all scored his 14 points in the second. While Maryland influenced its depth, the Terps mainly asked six players – five back and a new man Donta Scott – to talk on Rhode Island.

“We were piping a little, let's be true,” said Coach Mark Turgeon. “… The building had a lot of energy, and maybe it had a bit to do. I tried a lot of people to play early, some of our young people were not only quite ready to speed the game and the fitness of that game. So we were just a row. ”

In this field, the Terps managed to “step up in competition,” as Turgeon said on Friday. He was right; Rams were facing challenges. Certainly they will not be as significant as some of Maryland's advances in this winter, but Maryland looked for less time like title titles and more like a squad with some problems to solve.

“They were ready to go and we weren't,” said Turgeon after the game. "They leaned against the person."

It is early, however: Two games were played, with little go. It reiterates how the Terps worked through a deficit, which was as large as 12, and which found a way to win.

During his early struggle, Maryland played little rhythm and turned the ball over far too often. Maryland did not take her first lead until Scott made a pointer with just over a minute to go in the first half. The Terps made eight of the 11 final shots of the half and Rhode Island met only two of their last 10 attempts. Life finally came to life when Maryland ran 10-0 during this stretch.

After the boom in the first half, Turgeon said that he and his group felt confident that they would benefit.

Darryl Morsell, a junior who started most of the games in his college career but came out of the bench in the opening season of Tuesday against the Holy Cross, re-wrapped the front lineup against the Rams. Turgeon said he had decided to start Morsell because of his respect for the Rams guards, a group led by Jeff Dowtin, who got 14 points.

Morsell usually creates impressive statistics which are designed to protect each other's best player. But since the beginning of March, Morsell had an average of 12.8 points and 20 in total and three during the six-game stretch came into Saturday.

In the first 10 minutes against the Rams, Morsell turned the ball over three times, twice by traveling. After the first travel call, Morsell and guard Rhode Island House, Tyrese Martin got technical fouls after scirmish. Morsell finished with five staff teams, and his colleagues also struggled to look after the ball.

“Guys says we are trying to do too much – trying to do dribble in a crowd rather than passing the ball,” said Turgeon. “And we get the ball well. Tonight we haven't shown this evening. ”

There was a strong start at Maryland, going up 12 turnover through 22 properties. In the openness, there were only nine people at the Terps in the whole game, a bright short-lasting place after the same problem alleviated last year. Rhode Island had 18 turnover, 11 in the first half, helping to keep Maryland in a deeper hole.

Freshman forward Makhi Mitchell won his first college debut, the second of two Turgeon exchanges in the lineup from the openings. However, Mitchell managed to build two fine dishes in the first three minutes and went to the bench shortly afterwards. Mitchell, who did not return in the first half and played only one minute in the second, was finished with four fine and two points.

The Rams shot 20.6 percent in the second half as Maryland's strong defensive effort helped put the game in favor of the Terps. The game started badly, but the Terps left a victory and a record without interruption, another step ahead during seasons in which many are expected.


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