Football Pass from Chivas to Liguilla, a millionaire combination for...

Pass from Chivas to Liguilla, a millionaire combination for fans


Guadalajara needs a complicated combination of results to be able to access the league in the Apertura 2019, but this same mix could make any fan can earn just over a million and a half pesos in the world of betting with an income of 100 pesos.

The fight of the Flock will begin from this same Sunday and with the last day of the tournament the picture directed by Luis Fernando Tena requires six results.

On the present day 18 they have to wait for Juárez to defeat Pumas and Santos and Cruz Azul match on the TSM court.

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On the last day they require four results. Atlas and Atlético San Luis should defeat Monterrey and La Machine, this second result is the one that pays the most in the mummies on the page of Hot, because the potosinos are at a disadvantage of +700 and, in addition, Tijuana must match Leon.

In addition, Pumas and Pachuca have the future of the Flock in their hands, but a draw will help Guadalajara in his desire for the postseason.

All these selections give a mummy of +1602400 and the profit, if $ 100 is bet, would be one million 602 thousand 562.50 pesos.



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