NFL Matthew Stafford is week after week with fractures on...

Matthew Stafford is week after week with fractures on his back – ProFootballTalk


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As undesirable conditions develop, back fractures are not far from rabies. But that's what Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has. (Not rabies.)

PFT confirmed that Stafford had broken bones on his back and that his condition was currently week after week. He just needed time to heal. According to a source familiar with the situation, Stafford wanted to "desperately" play Sunday in Chicago, but the doctors intervened and will prevent him from doing so.

Adam Schefter of ESPN initially reported that Stafford had fractured his back and that he was currently out week after week.

Stafford insisted on Wednesday that he would be "good to go" on Sunday and that he had apparently all appearances, he fought against the pain associated with this disease.

We do not know what bones are broken in Stafford's back. From time to time, players suffer from transverse process fractures – the small bones that burst out of verterbrae. It is a painful disease, but it does not pose a risk of injury to the spinal cord.

The hardness of Matthew Stafford can not be doubted. Ten years ago this month, Stafford was forced to return to the field to win a victory over the Browns after suffering a shoulder injury. Chances are he's getting his way back into action sooner than later this time around; If, however, the Lions lose two or three games without him, the smarter long-term game for the franchise and his quarterback might be to close it for the rest of the season and let him heal completely.

But Stafford is just not wired this way. Although he missed the start of his career due to an injury, he has always defended 136 times, starting since the start of the 2011 season, despite a variety of wounds that, until today, had not resisted. him on the sidelines.


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