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Football holds, from time to time, vibrant shows such as San Mamés. More than ninety minutes of intense football, without preservatives or colorings, Cantabrian football, of a lifetime, before a Mediterranean rival, who adapted to the environment and endured the push of Athletic until minute 87, thanks, above all, to the performance of Aitor, his goalkeeper, a product of Lezama, that due to the injuries and the irruption of Kepa, had to pack. Aitor was exonerated on the eve of his electoral duties at a table in Mondragón, his town, and he thanked the Electoral Board with a capital match and a dozen interventions before the constant bombing of Athletic. He was the goalkeeper with the most LaLiga stops and in San Mamés he expanded his statistics with a superb performance.




I raised


Unai Simón, Capa, Yeray, Íñigo Martínez, Yuri, Muniain, Raúl García, Unai López (San José, min. 66), Dani García, Íñigo Córdoba (Ibai Gómez, min. 45) and Williams (Villalibre, min. 86) .

I raised

Aitor, Postigo, Miramón, Clerc, Vezo, Campaign, Gonzalo Melero (Nikola Vukcevic, min. 80), Radoja, Enis Bardhi, Mayoral (Hernâni, min. 75) and Morales (Roger, min. 86).

0-1 min. 45: Shutter. 1-1 min. 56: Muniain. 2-1 min. 87: Layer

Javier Alberola Rojas

Layer (min. 77),
Raúl García (min. 61),
Dani García (min. 61),
Vezo (min. 74) and
Enis Bardhi (min. 48).

Stadium:San Mamés

Like that of the rival in front of him, and, however, he went to rest with the score against. The only shot of Levante ended up in the networks of Unai Simón. Postigo took advantage of Miramon's assistance, head-on, in a corner kick, to put Levante ahead, in a demonstration that football is unpredictable. It was the last second of the first part.

San Mamés is the paradigm of LaLiga. Not because of the game that is played on his lawn, that this is another, but because in the Bilbao Coliseum you find football even in the soup, or at the time of the soup, it would be better to say. Programmers have become fond of two in the afternoon, and there is no one to get them out of there; so Athletic fans must choose between food reheated with football, or fresh from the fire, but without football. Spoon meal, in these dates of wet fields and cold environment. The players, of course, eat later, although they also alter the schedules, but it did not give that feeling in the Cathedral, where from time to time the thunder of the storm that loomed over Bilbao resonated, similar to the one they liked over to the visiting players, who were entrusted to Aitor in each red and white arrival to the area.

With the score against, after the goal of Postigo, Athletic had to row even harder. Garitano's team neglected a little defense, and there came some more occasion of the Levantinistas, when the game became crazy. The Bilbao people perched on the bands. Yuri and Ibai on the left; Williams and Capa on the left. The side of Portugalete was essential to flip the scoreboard. With an impressive physical wear on top, he ran without thinking about a ball that looked like it was going to be lost outside, reached the bottom line and focused on the second stick where Muniain appeared, who for a moment became a giant, to nod to the net and tie the game. It was the 57th minute.

There was a lot left until the end, and Athletic threw himself into the boarding. Levante had the ball more and approached the red and white area and suddenly, the game became a give and take, although they gave more home. Aitor continued in his line, frustrating any rojiblanco attempt. Until Ander Capa appeared again, at the edge of the area, to splice a boat soon a rejection after a corner. It was a missile, which definitely sank the battleship of the Levant. San Mamés suffered until minute 87; He enjoyed later. The reheated food tasted like glory.

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