SportsPulse: Lorenzo Reyes scored 3 caps last week with 3 caps and he feels lucky again. Here is his choice, the one who is upset and the one who is suspended above / below for the second week.

The opening weekend of the NFL season is usually filled with uneven games on the field and surprising results on the board.

Choppy too often debuted as plague predators in the first week, although the US TODAY Sports expert group appeared relatively unharmed, with the exception of rookie fights Jori Epstein and Tom Schad .

Back for more, our intrepid band especially sees the Saints take their revenge on the road against the Rams after the controversial defeat of the NFL Championship game in January. Most of our panelists also think that the Eagles will win in Atlanta on Sunday evening football, scoring a 2-0 start.

Then there is Monday. Will the ballyhooed Browns get out of the box against the Jets, who also have a 0-1 record when they were apparently a team on the rise? Obviously, we continue to buy the Browns in a battle between second-year bakers Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold.

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