News Zack Britton, the manager's brother Buck, has a new...

Zack Britton, the manager's brother Buck, has a new baseball goal


Zack Britton and his brother Buck spent all their careers in a professional foundation, but they never faced one another.

“Zack was still starting and he arranged a league mini-match,” said Buck Britton, who was a Baltimore serial player in the then system, and Zack had a very high expectation in the organization. “The first time I spent flying out came to an end, but I called it online. We never finished a second job. I broke from the foundation of 0-2 pitches then threw it up and into, and then coaches finished the bat. They thought we were too competitive. ''

While 33-year-old Buck was hoping to come in with his brother playing in the mares, his career ended when the Coupon released him after hitting Triple-A after the 2016 season. .

Now, the brothers are looking at another possibility, and Buck the manager at Double-A Bowie, who is still in the Baltimore system.

“It would be cool to see it in the majestic,” said Zack, 31, who is in the first full season with the Yankees after he has traded from the Orioles a year ago. “I think it's in the right direction. '

It is a path that started after almost ten years playing in the minors – almost all with Baltimore – and he had a talk with Buck Showal, then Orioles' manager.

Showalter told Zack to bring his brother to Tropicana Field when Orioles was playing in Tampa Bay, since Buck Britton was living in the area.

“We spoke for two hours in his office,” Buck Britton said. “Buck said I reminded him. '

While Buck Britton was still playing in the Orioles' system, he spent time in a major camp during spring training and Showalter would use it during the games.

“I was on the railing and from the blue, he came up and asked what I did in that case,” said Buck Britton. “He didn't take you on guard. Maybe he had to make sure that you were caring. But he might be trying to detect me out. ''

“We really enjoyed seeing the game and could talk about it and learn it,” said Showalter. “I would go up to him and put things on him and he would know what was going on around the field, not just after the ball was followed. That's one of the things I liked about it.

During the conversation at Tropicana Field, Buck Britton said that “Showalter“ told me to think about training. ’

“My body was breaking down,” said Buck Britton.

Buck Britton brought one sharper hunting in the Dominican winter league, but soon realized that he was around.

“When I came there, I knew it was done,” said Britton.

He started the next season as the coach hit Low-A Delmarva and became manager of the South Atlantic League team last year, before a new regime came to the last Orioles stand.

Britton quickly broke up to Double-A Bowie, two stops away from the stewards.

He used some of his earliest work on Zack.

“I always knew that he could be well connected with people, 'said Zack. “He could coach people. When I had some difficulty in the big series and when I was sent to Triple-A, he put me in training and he was still playing there. ”

Zack Britton
Zack BrittonPaul J. Bereswill

Buck Britton, who was drafted in the 35th round from the Lubbock Christian University in 2008, remembers a little different.

“I gave him a brother talk,” said Buck. “Actually, it was a bit more intense than that. I wanted to understand his opportunity. He saw the battle that I had to try to do as a non-expectation. I saw that the guys were sorry for their own initiative and I was not going to let him do that. ''

Whatever the tone, the conversation worked, as Zack came to become an All-Star closer to the Orioles before he arrived in the Bronx last year.

Where the outcome of Buck's paths remains to be determined.

“Wherever it is gone, the winner goes around it,” said Showalter with Buck Britton, whose team Bowie 46-42 in the Eastern heading went into the weekend in a non-talent system. “He has the right to be in the majestic. We'll see if he gets a chance. ''

“We worked together at Double-A and Triple-A and our last dream was to play together, 'Buck Britton said. “It is a good experience, but we had different careers: I was a senior signal (outside college) and had a great prospect (drafted in the third round from the secondary school in 2006). It would be great if I could go there at some point and it is still there.

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