Football The time that Enrique Esqueda helped Erick Gutiérrez

The time that Enrique Esqueda helped Erick Gutiérrez


MEXICO – "At some point the 'Guti' gave him shoes," he said. Enrique Esqueda between memories in the living room of his grandmother's house south of Mexico City. The 'Palette' relates that while recovering from plantar fasciitis in the dressing room of Pachuca, a prospect named Erick Gutiérrez approached him to ask for some tennis, that juvenile element is the same as he currently plays in the PSV of the Netherlands.

"He went to look for me, he asked for shoes, at that time I was 23 or 24 years old and you have brands that sponsor you, the shoes rain on you. You do not need to have 15 shoes when you only use one, then it was 'clear here they are', as well as other colleagues of your team, "Esqueda told ESPN Digital.

"'Guti' is very cold, it was a thank you of course, but he is very cold, he does not transmit much to you his emotions, he rarely transmits his emotions," Esqueda said.

One of the witnesses of the event was Agustín Lleida, who was Pachuca's physical trainer: "We went to the dressing room of the first team, he was very young and I was very close to Enrique Esqueda, who gave him shoes, I remember he did not have shoes to train or he was very old and always I was very fond of him, "said the Spaniard.

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Esqueda maintains a relationship with Erick Gutiérrez and Hirving Lozano of that generation, whom he met when he arrived at the Tuzos in 2011.

"When I arrived there were some children. I saw them play in the U-17 and they excelled a lot. The years go by, they go up to 'Chucky' to some workouts and they made a lot, a lot of difference. I have good anecdotes with that generation of U-17 because I hurt the sole of my foot and I was away for a long time and sometimes I trained to recover in the U-20, when they went up to the U-20, I took all to eat and there was Gutiérrez, there was Lozano. The last time I spoke with Gutiérrez was like four months ago, congratulating him on a goal he did at PSV. "

The striker, who is currently without a team, considers himself a soccer player who has always liked to help young people, as well as the gesture he had with the members of the Pachuca's basic forces, he also did with the America and in each one of the clubs where he has played.

"I was in favor of young people since I was playing in America, it was difficult for a young man from the U-20 to receive a bottle of water or a Gatorade from the first team, because the props sometimes said 'hey no, that's not your cooler, your cooler is there ', I gave them, I've always wanted to support young people. "


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