American Football Rapinoe of the US team continues its "street protest"...

Rapinoe of the US team continues its "street protest" against Trump


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Megan Rapinoe, co-captain of the American football team, was accused on Wednesday by President Trump of having "disrespected" his country after Rapinoe announced that she was not "responsible" for her country. He would not go to the White House if his team won the Women's World Cup.

In an interview with the Eight by Eight football magazine, Rapinoe was asked about her enthusiasm for going to the White House if her team won the Women's World Cup. His simple "no" became viral and the US president was quick to respond.

The pre-recorded interview was published on June 25 and Trump began tweeting his boredom the next day. "We have not invited Megan or the team yet, but I now invite TEAM to win or lose."

Trump also suggested "Megan should win first before speaking! Finish the work! And, continuing his typical public address, Trump added, "Megan must never disrespect our country, the White House, or our flag. "

Rapinoe is another sportswoman who is not afraid to fight to defend her beliefs or accept the consequences of her actions. In an interview with Yahoo Sports, she described herself as a "walking protest with regard to the Trump administration". And she described Trump as "sexist," "misogynist," "little spirit," "racist," and "no good person."

The president was already aware of Rapinoe. In September 2016, she became one of the first white sports personalities to "kneel" at the national anthem in support of the protest by American football player Colin Kaepernick against racist police violence.

Kaepernick first sat on the bench August 26, 2016 while his teammates represented the pre-game anthem. But later he decided to kneel, explaining that he was doing it to show respect to the veterans, the anthem being a military song and that he was accused of not respecting them . Soon, other players joined his silent protest – only to deserve the ire of their president.

Trump responded by saying that he thought all NFL players who kneeled should be immediately fired. Last year, as a reward for the protest, Kaepernick had withdrawn the White House's invitation to the American football team Philadelphia Eagles, who had just won the Super Bowl.

In just over two years since Trump took office, 20 major US sports teams have won championships. During this period, half of the teams were not invited or declined the invitation for various reasons. Among these were the Golden State Warriors, the men's team that had won the NBA championships in 2017, but had been seen offering to visit the White House at the White House canceled on Twitter by Trump. South Carolina women's basketball team, the Gamecocks won their first national gametitle in 2017, but politely refused the invitation to Trump's White House.

After Rapinoe knelt down, she was instantly removed from the US national team for six months. She returned to the team when rules were introduced, forcing players to stand during the national anthem. She accepted the conditions, but she stated that she would never willingly participate in the anthem.

If you watch it when you play "The Stars and Stripes" at the Parc des Princes en Thursday in quarter-final against Franceyou will notice that Rapinoe will not sing. She tends to hold her hands behind her back rather than her heart.

Sport and politics often mingle

Sports arenas have long been political arenas and American athletes have often shown that they were more than willing to defend their beliefs. The Olympics, in particular, have provided a platform for political statements for over a century after the 1908 London Olympics launched the ball.

At the opening ceremony of these Olympics, Americans felt that they had been insulted by their hosts, no American flag flying over the stadium. Then the insults began, staging everything that came from the Americans, saying that the official count of medals was wrong and that the British had misled the tug of war by wearing bad shoes.

At the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, American sprinter Tommie Smith won the 200 meter race. His American compatriot John Carlos came in third. When they found themselves on the platform to receive their medals, the American anthem played. In one of the most famous images in the history of sport, they both raised their fists with black gloves in the greetings of "Black Power".

Following the Second World War, in 1946, Jackie Robinson became the first African-American to play professional baseball in nearly 50 years. His highly controversial signature broke the color barrier of baseball and caused ripples in the country. In ten years, black Americans have been able to freely participate in baseball at its highest level.

Muhammed Ali famously refused to enlist for the Vietnam War in 1967. As the heavyweight champion at the time, Ali adopted this position because of his beliefs as a Muslim and his public opposition to the war. He was arrested and found guilty of escaping the project. He was stripped of his title and his combat license was suspended.

The American women's team pursues for equality

In his tweetings to Rapinoe, Trump said Rapinoe's denunciation of the White House was all the more surprising considering everything that had been done for her and her team. But Trump seems to have overlooked the fact that Rapinoe and her teammates are pursuing their own federation for alleged gender bias on pay gaps between men and women.

In comparison, when the women's team won the World Cup in 2015, it shared a bonus of $ 1.73 million, while the men, beaten in the round of 16, shared $ 5.38 million of dollars.

And Rapinoe is a force to be reckoned with. She was part of the winning team of the last Women's World Cup. She won a gold medal with her team at the Olympics. She is a strong advocate for women's rights, LGBT rights, refugee rights and racial justice, and a successful businesswoman with her own clothing line, Rapinoe SC, which she has created with his twin sister Rachel.

But Rapinoe is also the accomplished professional. His eye remains firmly on the ball. After the match between the United States and Spain against Spain on Monday (during which Rapinoe scored the two winning goals), she called the match coming Friday night from the match "everyone was waiting for "and said it would be" huge and crazy ".

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