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Race in Silverstone: Vettel's Formula 1 future: a lot of tradition with new rules


The yes to Silverstone fits in perfectly with Sebastian Vettel's thought-game about the future of Formula One. "I'm very happy to stay here and try nothing fancy," said the Ferrari star ahead of the UK Grand Prix.

The traditional course will continue until at least 2024 to the racing calendar, but incidentally drive the owners of the racing series their plans for innovations forward. So could be driven in future in London or Miami. Vettel thinks of it as little as of the current set of rules, which in the opinion of the Heppenheimers urgently needed to be rewritten.

«I do not think it is particularly necessary to go to the cities. I honestly do not think that then more people come, »said Ferrari star Vettel. The 32-year-old is a true traditionalist, loves the classic courses in Monza, Suzuka or just Silverstone. But the Formula One bosses of Liberty Media have long made it clear that they want to open up new markets. Not without reason, there will be a Grand Prix for the first time in Vietnam next year.

Although many participants also rate the expansion ideas as positive, the pilots agree that the tradition must be preserved. It is still unclear what will happen in Hockenheim, Barcelona or Mexico. "It would not be right to stop at Silverstone," Lewis Hamilton said during his home game, with 140,000 fans expected on Sunday (3:10 pm / RTL and Sky). "It's no problem to deliver a great show here too," said Vettel.

The key on the way back to the hearts of the fans is different anyway. "It's all too complex, too complicated. In a nutshell, that means: burn off the rules and let's start over, "said Vettel in an interview with the station ServusTV.

The current rules prevent "pure sport", duels would have to be emphasized again, the driver in the center, said the four-time world champion. "At the moment there is a lot of over-regulation," he said. "Once it's on paper, everyone has to stick to it in some ways. This is difficult in racing, everything only black and white interpret, that does not fit in with this sport.

In 2021, a new set of rules will enter into force, and this basic agreement will be presented by the end of October. The drivers are allowed to have a say. It's about technical, sporting and financial conditions. Above all, a solution in the fight against the cost explosion is required. For this purpose, a budget cap should be introduced. Also changes in the calendar are discussed. There is still resistance to the future design of the racing cars.

The big problem is to consider everyone's interests. "Somewhere, Formula 1 has to think about what to do, what do you want to achieve?" Vettel told the Austrian radio station. "If you want complexity or you commit yourself to entertainment, to sport and reduce yourself to it." Because technically the series "has long ceased to be a role model". The high-tech cars of Mercedes, Ferrari and Co. all drive without ABS or traction control. Things that exist in every ordinary vehicle on the streets, however.

One of the biggest wishes of the pilots is to enable better and more exciting racing with the help of new aerodynamics regulations. «Formula 1 has to stay at the forefront of motorsport. Hopefully, with the help of us drivers, we can make some cool changes, "said Hamilton. These may then be seen on new city courses in London or Miami. Whether Vettel will experience all this even in the cockpit, is open. His contract with Scuderia expires at the end of 2020.


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