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Prussia Münster – nobility obliged – sports


Third division Prussian Münster starts ambitious in the season and continues to rely on coach Sven Hübscher.

By Ulrich Hartmann, Münster

Münster in Westphalia is full of ancient sights: the cathedral from the 13th century, the castle from the 18th century and the football stadium from 1926. In this stadium played Prussia Münster, as the club in 1951 German championship second and when he 1963/64 the Bundesliga start-up season mitbestritt. In this stadium Preußen Münster plays today.

In the near future, the half-marbled Preußenstadion will be rebuilt on the spot and made future-proof, so that another legacy can be ticked off: the now 28-year-old dream of returning to the second division. Already this summer in the city worth seeing, the last not too interesting football team of the SC Prussia was retreaded with a new coach, twelve new players and new promotion hopes for the ninth season third in a row. They open this on Friday as a guest of the TSV 1860 Munich.

Founding member of the Bundesliga, that sounds more like impoverished nobility in Munster, because since the immediate descent in 1964, they have never played in the Bundesliga again. The second league is eternal ago: 1991. In the single-tier third division play the Munster since 2011. Complaining depressed representatives of insolvent traditional clubs again and again, the third league is already because of insufficient TV revenues a kind of dead path, so you have to praise the Munster residents praising to have settled down comfortably. In eight seasons they were never worse than 12th – but never better than fourth.

Of course, the Westphalia would have fled up to the second league, but every new attempt went wrong. So Münster is actually the last remaining team, which plays since 2011 consistently in the third division. The SV Wehen Wiesbaden had faithfully accompanied the Prussians in these eight years, but has just made the leap the second league. Now Münster is the last constant in a league in which the through traffic reminds of a busy central station.

So now the ninth start. For this purpose, the Münster team relies on coach Sven Hübscher, 40, who last trained for almost one and a half years the second team of Werder Bremen. He took his job in Bremen shortly before the inevitable relegation from the third division and led the team in the subsequent fourth division season in third place in the Regionalliga Nord. Previously, the native Dortmund coached at FC Schalke 04 for years youth teams and was there later promoted to the assistant of such head coaches as Jens Keller, Roberto DiMatteo and André Breitenreiter.

At Preußen Münster, Hübscher not only likes the proximity to the place of residence Gelsenkirchen and the good relationship with sports director Malte Metzelder, but also the prospect of promotion. He says the third league is extremely tight, which is why you can not make daring predictions, but: "I know that in Münster has long dreamed of the Second League, and my job is to make this dream even bigger. "

A newly ragged and financially reasonably young team to nourish the dream. Right-back Julian Schauerte, until 2018 at Fortuna Dusseldorf and then a year in Eupen, Belgium, is at 31 years old the second-oldest player in the squad and was promptly appointed captain. Other well-known names have the midfield players Nico Brandenburger, Luca Schnellbacher and Heinz Mörschel. In the dress rehearsal, a 1: 3 defeat to the Dutch first division Heracles Almelo, were six newcomers in the starting eleven. Almelos coach, former DFB football instructor instructor Frank Wormuth, praised Münster as a "compact and physical" team.

About € 3 million in salaries, the club invested in his squad, about 6.5 million is the total budget for the season. However, with such sums one is not mentioned in the third-league coaching poll for the favorites. This is the Münsteranern but right. As established third-league inventory, it's better to come out of the ashes, like Phoenix, out of the limelight.



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