News Paula Badosa talks about the depression she suffered at...

Paula Badosa talks about the depression she suffered at the end of 2018


The 21-year-old Catalan tennis player Paula Badosa revealed on Friday that at the end of 2018 he suffered depression Y anxiety, which led him to be "afraid" to enter a track and compete. "I did not want personally or professionally to do anything and I did not enjoy anything," says the tennis player, who last month played for the second time the first round of a big, in Wimbledon.

Paula Badosa joins other elite sportsmen like the basketball player Álex Abrines
, football player Andres Iniesta or the T-shirt Anna Boada
who acknowledged having suffered depression at some point in their sporting career. In some cases, like the one of Boada they took to him to leave the practice of the sport

In a video posted on your Twtter account, Badosa, one of the firmest tennis promises female Spanish, explains that during the past month of September felt "pressure, obligation and fears" that led her to not want to compete. The tennis player attributes it to the fact that her way of living tennis was "not right" and that she had to change "a lot" her way of life.

To overcome the disease, the help of his coach was essential, Xavier Budó, through what he defines as "word training to recover self-esteem". The technician affirms in the video that Badosa was "a broken toy that was in a very dark tunnel" and that eight months after that "he dreams of being very big in the world of tennis and I have blind faith in it". The technician recalls that in September, Badosa told him that he "cried two hours a day".

Paula Badosa remember how he exploded to mourn in January of this year when, for the first time, he exceeded the previous one of a grand slam, in the Australian Open, corroborating that he had overcome his illness. The Catalan lost in the first round with the Australian Kimberly Birrell by 6-4 and 6-2. He won again to be in the final table of a big last July in Wimbledon, losing also with the Russian Varvara Flink for the same score as in Melbourne.

"Paula was a broken toy that was in a very dark tunnel"

"Every game that I won I value the most and I enjoy when I suffer on the court", explains the tennis player. His technician says that "he learned that if he loses a game, nothing happens". Paula Badosa is currently ranked 116th in the ranking of the WTA.

Paula Badosa celebrates a point at Wimbledon

Paula Badosa celebrates a point at Wimbledon
(Andy Rain / EFE)


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