Rugby How popular is the game of rugby around the...

How popular is the game of rugby around the world?



In the category & # 39; sports & # 39; There are various kinds that can be quick to think about, and while many of them are played in different areas of the world, have the global appeal and interest that rugby has managed to gather. If you're looking for rugby betting tips, Read on.

Rugby football dates back to 1823 when it was invented by William Webb Ellis, a school age in Warwickshire (UK) who began running across the pitch with a ball in his hand under a football game. While this was considered cheating in football games, the players loved it and it was caught. Then it spread across the UK and the sport was not stopped at that time.

While rugby players and fans will be the first to claim their sport of their choice, it is interesting to take a look at how this sport has really spread around the world and explore how popular it is. Let's look closer.

Where Rugby ranks highest

Although you can probably build a case that rugby is a fast-growing sport all over the world, there are a handful of countries where it ranks highest and never fails to draw a massive crowd. England is the epicenter of rugby, and it has been played internationally for so long now. It was the place where the sport was born, so of course it has a huge consequence.

Outside of England, France has become the place for rugby enthusiasts. La Liga and Premiership are the main features and they manage to attract fans from across the country. From 2016, there were more than 360,000 registered players in the country, where the number is growing consistently.

Then we have the unexpected hotspot in Calcutta, India, home to an impressive number of players and fans. What makes these statistics really interesting is that there are a large number of players who are female, showing that this sport is not just about the men.

And you can't mention rugby's popularity around the world without even mentioning New Zealand. The sport was introduced to Kiwis back in 1870, so the country also has a very long history of it. Every year, the Super Rugby competition is held in New Zealand, which is seen as one of the largest, if not the largest, ruby ​​club competition in the world. This is where you will see some of the best players appear from around the world.

Rugby has taken the title of the fastest growing sport in the United States

A market that can be difficult for international sports to crack is the United States, which has its own list of popular and beloved sports. That's why it is so remarkable that rugby since 2018 became the fastest growing sport in the country. Not only are Americans starting to appreciate it, but they keep it completely and feed the machine if you want. It seems that fans absolutely love the hard and tumble nature of the game and the fact that it is so easily accessible to watch it and play it.

Nielsen's research was conducted on the sport and showed that there were over 33 million people in the US who were either very interested or interested in the sport, which is not too shabby.

Rugby takes the stage in the Olympics

Then there is the fact that the sport got real recognition and credit, as it became an official Olympic sport in 2016 at Rio Games. Rugby Sevens as it is called, which is a skimmed-down version of the sport played by seven people in a team, will be back on next year's summer BEER in Tokyo.

Get into the action yourself

The cool thing about rugby is that you don't have to play it to get into the action. Rugby is one of the most popular sports that people are betting on thanks to the great interest in the sport. Now, if you're new to rugby games, you might get started with some tips from GamblingMetropolis.

The tips take a look at the main differences between Rugby League and Rugby Union, the three main types of bets you can place and some basic betting rules that you need to be aware of. Although you have put a few bets into the past, it does not hurt to refurbish these tips as a small reminder.

Rugby does not show any signs of slow

So, while the sport is still enjoying more and more interest around the world, don't expect the trend to slow down. The love and passion for this sport seems to be contagious and for good reason.

All Blacks perform their signature & # 39; Haka & # 39; before the 2015 Rugby World Cup


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