American Football An old bankruptcy football league owes money to Memphians...

An old bankruptcy football league owes money to Memphians several months after its retreat


MEMPHIS, Tennessee – The former American Football Alliance owes millions of dollars to companies across the country, some of which are in the Memphis area.

The league looked so promising. The local team, the Memphis Express, even invited the famous and controversial Johnny Manziel to play at the quarterback.

But the AAF has bent eight weeks after the start of its first season. Its parent company, Legendary Field Exhibitions, went bankrupt in April 2019.

Ken Quick says the FAA owes the Bartlett Printing Company nearly $ 13,000.

"It's a shame, we thought it was a good opportunity at the time, we made an assortment of items," he said.

Quick's company handled thousands of posters, programs, schedules and parking cards for the Memphis Express game. The first invoice was sent in January. But 30 days became 60, and soon, it was clear that there was a problem.

"We tried to work with them, but it did not work," Quick said.

His company has filed a lawsuit in bankruptcy court, like many others, but the league does not just have money to companies, it must also money to people.

For example, season ticket holders who have not been able to travel to Memphis' last home game because the team is no longer away, need to be told. money.

Donna Franklin says she owed $ 200. "It was 50-yard season tickets and we were very happy to have the team."

Whit Winfrey says he and his wife owe $ 400.

Franklin and Winfrey also filed for bankruptcy, but the odds of being paid are low. The same goes for EM printing.

Steve Bilsky, a bankruptcy lawyer in Memphis, said some companies and individuals could get a fraction of what was owed them, but that would be the best scenario. This is because legendary field exposures have been filed in Chapter Seven of Bankruptcy, which means "they know that they can not pay their bills".

We sent an e-mail and called a lawyer from Legendary Field Exhibitions in Houston to ask what was the probability that residents and businesses would be paid, but we never received a response.

In the end, the people we talked to would like to be paid, but they do not count on that.

"We will probably not see it," said one of them.

"If we ever collect something, and I do not know if we'll do it, it will probably be under for a dollar"


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