News A welcoming challenge for Nets is Kevin Durant's injury

A welcoming challenge for Nets is Kevin Durant's injury


The Nets are not afraid of Achilles Kevin Durant.

If this was not clear when Durant signed a $ 164 million contract, it is in the story of how it happened.

Brooklyn included the injury, according to report by Sports Illustrated. General manager Sean Marks looked at Nets medical team to watch the video of the injury and examined media reports. When he asked whether they wanted to be dedicated to your maximum, however, the whole room agreed that they should.

“That's a nice moment,” said Marks with IR. “When you know a group of young men and a young man here are saying, hell ll, we can not wait for the challenge. We cannot wait to sacrifice whatever it takes to go out on the court again and it is likely to prove wrong people. Kenny (Atkinson) and I speak to him, players are doing so. But I think it is also important to have something to create by your whole organization. ”

Marks also stated that the Nets were not all in fact and Durant was still in contract with Golden State.

By the way, the Nets wanted to splash themselves this summer for a long time. It was part of the reason they went for the play games this year instead of concentration, as the right to vote was an attractive destination.

“We organized a few years that we had a chance here,” said Marks. “I think if you have a window or have a chance to speed it up and take a chance, take a challenge, and you can do it with the right people, that is when you have to do it.

Spencer Dinwiddie, a friend of Kyrie Irving, contacted the point guard during the season, selling Brooklyn as a destination. According to IR, Nets's favorite option was Irving once the season finished.

As with Durant, he was part of the appeal with Irving, although one decision was not linked to the other. And despite the injury, the Nets went for them, scoring the biggest win in the summer and a big marquee win over their crosstown rivals.

“Whenever you can add this kind of talent, you should probably jump on the opportunity to do it,” said Marks. “Especially guys who want to be here. Especially them. ”

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