76ers' Tobias Harris is ready to fight with refurbished Nets

Tobias Harris goes on his “top” Side in the East, but the Long Island's belief is that the Nets will fight them.

Appearance at the NBA Players Association kids camp on Quay 36 Thursday, a small stand of the Six Quays continued to feel that Al Horford and his own re-signaling have been aligned with Philly for big things.

The 27-year-old admitted that he was not so disturbed and Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant led Brooklyn, who opposed Philly in a first-round editorial series.

Harris was at the Nets on his radar if things fell with KD. Harris also pointed out that he might have met the Knicks if his contract was not five years at Sixers' $ 180 million conveniently completed.

“I wasn't surprised,” Harris said Durant / Irving signs. “You've heard many rumors before. I didn't know I had 100%, but if I had to guess I would say that Kyrie and Kevin were going to the Nets. Nature of the whole season you heard different rumors. That would be my educational guess. ”

The Sixers lost the NBA start-up animals in the second round. The Sixers lost Jimmy Butler for this season, but Toronto lost his soul – Kawhi Leonard. Meanwhile, Harris, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and Horford meet enthusiastically, and added Josh Richardson.

“I think we're going to be at the top of the East,” said Harris. “However, winning games in the NBA is difficult. I know it will go quite chemistry and work from every man on the team. We have big goals for ourselves as a team. We are ready for him. ”

Durant cannot return it to the 2019-20 season after surgery to repair Achill's ruptured tendon, but Harris saw much of the Nets playets fight in the five-game series to find out that they are true.

“It's a great competition,” said the Dix Hills product that trains in Long Island every summer. “I love how the NBA is fair. I love how everyone wants to get their hands. I still think that the East is of a high standard, and that there are many wonderful teams too [like the West [it will be a great year of basketball. The fans will have fun with it];

B maybe not for Knicks fans. The Knicks met the big names in a free agency and signed seven free actions – the best name is Julius Randle.

Harris stated that his father / agent had meetings with other teams, but these were never successful because the Sixth Deal was completed. Harris referred to the possible meeting of Knicks as "what was there".

When asked what he was expecting from Knicks this season, Harris was dismissive.

“I'm not playing for the Knicks,” he said. “I don't care about the Knicks. I'm not going to waste my energy. ”

Harris admitted that the nets filled their interest when they got both superstars and that they used all their cap space.

“Everything happened quickly at the start,” said Harris, the NBA community awards candidate who gave a speech to campers highlighting academics. “There have been many moving parts. You had a good feeling in advance. It was a nice free agency. I knew I wanted to stay, but you never had what could happen in a free agency. ”


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