Ronaldo's confession about the 2002 World Cup final: "I did not want to sleep for fear of another attack"


The Brazilian speaks in 'Financial Times' about the problems he had before the final of France 98 and how he manages that before the final against Germany in Korea and Japan.

Ronaldo, with Bartomeu at the Camp Nou.

Ronaldo, O Fenmeno, former striker of the Brazilian national team, PSV, Bara, Inter, Real Madrid, Miln … And the highest leader nowReal Valladolid, with which he has achieved salvation in theSantander League. The scorer has given an interview to the 'Financial Times' to talk about his post-football career in the offices, but why not, there was also time to remember the glorious moments of his sporting life.

The one who was Baln de Oro explained how he suffered during the day and the night before the final of the 2002 World Cup against Germany, after suffering four years before an epileptic attack. "The final in Yokohama (Japan) was at eight o'clock in the evening, the same time as in Paris in '98. After lunch, everyone went to nap, and I thought, 'Fuck, I do not want to sleep "I was looking around to see if I could find people to talk to and I found Dida, I said 'no, you stay with me, please.' Do not sleep at all for fear that the same thing would happen again."

With "the same thing", Ronaldo refers to the hours before the final against France four years ago, when he suffered seizures in the hotel and was not registered in the starting line up to the last minute: "People like conspiracies a lot. There's a lot of shit. "

The Brazilian also criticizes those who call him "fat." "There are mobilizations for many things, if you're black, if you're gay … I do not remember anyone defending me when they called me fat, I do not care." And I recognized that the vasectomy has been done, but "I have enough frozen sperm to mount a football team if my wife wants."

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