Rafael Nadal fans crash Novak Djokovic's Madrid Open final with Stefanos Tsitsipas | Tennis | Sport

Rafael Nadal fans crash Novak Djokovic's Madrid Open final with Stefanos Tsitsipas | Tennis | Sport

Nadal is expected to win the Madrid Open, but he was surprisingly knocked out of the semi-finals by Tsitsipas.

World No. 1 Djokovic continued to claim the title with a straight-set victory in the final.

However, supporters of the home favorite Nadal had already bought tickets for yesterday's clash.

And they turned up in their usual attire wearing & # 39; Rafa & # 39; T-shirts for greeting their hero.

They would have been disappointed to have buried deep into their pockets and not catch a glimpse of the 32-year-old.

But they were in good spirits as they witnessed Djokovic's top form and only had 91 minutes to match Nadal's Masters 1000 trophy haul.

Nadal and Djokovic return to action at the Italian Open this week as they finish their preparations for the French opening.

And Nadal hopes to jump back and regain his lerdominance.

"Throughout my life, I think I've taken the victory very naturally and with a lot of normality," Nadal said.

"With the losses I do the same. It will be normal, and I will accept it naturally in a natural way.

"And we can try and find as many excuses, or if, or possible, or who, but ultimately it's about playing good tennis and if you play at a good level.

"I couldn't play as well as I wanted to play. So the consequence is that I couldn't win the match.

"What does this mean for the future? We want to see. I can't tell you what it will mean in the future.

"Hopefully I will accept this defeat properly and we will see what happens next week [in Rome].

"I'm facing some battles over there until Paris. We'll see what's going on there and then we'll see what's happening every week, day after day.

"I will try to work properly in a proper way with a proper attitude and then just believe in my opportunities and believe that things will work and they will click."

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