Popular Game App: The Pokémon Hunt Continues - Berlin

It is Saturday, 17 clock, at the Beuth College in Wedding: About 30 people stand together in a cluster and stare at their cell phones. What are you doing? Fighting – or whatever they call it – doing a raid, and doing a strong Pokémon together in a virtual arena. They play Pokémon Go, the mobile game that triggered a worldwide hype in 2016, turning children and adults alike into a hunt for small, digital fantasy creatures to become modern scavenger hunters.

Not only to collect and trade Pokémon, but also to incubate "eggs" or catch "worms". That went on for about a summer. Today, only the hardcore fans are playing, they are all the more crazy about the Japanese originating animals.

They are called Taubsi or Schiggy, the most famous – small, yellow, black Kulleraugen – is Pikachu. With Poké balls they are shot at and caught. Actually very simple. And maybe that's why the enthusiasm for many quickly disappeared, with many bugs and mistakes at the beginning. It took some time until there were new game histories and updates.

But the game can not be killed and the hard core of the fans is not just made up of young people who are constantly busy with their cell phones. In fact, all ages are represented: parents play with their children, couples run together, singles meet like-minded people, and even retirees are active in the Pokémon Go scene.

Especially in large squares, the groups stand out: at the Gendarmenmarkt, Potsdamer Platz or at Alexanderplatz – they do not have to make an appointment to meet like-minded people. Because in prominent places hunters are attracted by numerous battle arenas.

On sunday, there is again a worldwide "Comunity Day"

In Weddinger Sprengelpark beer benches are set up on this day, on salads, sausages and cakes. What looks like a birthday party is actually an event where players go back and forth for three hours. Again and again somebody shouts euphorically "Shiny!" When a dazzling, especially coveted Pokémon has been caught. Everyone is motivated to catch a lot of catches, because together it just makes it even more fun.

The enthusiasm is fueled by a new movie, "Pokémon master detective Pikachu" is currently in the cinemas. The mobile game itself is teeming with the main characters in the movie right now, and every player hopes for a special Pikachu with a detective hat.

This Sunday is again worldwide "Community Day" from 15 to 18 clock. In other words: On this day, a particularly rare Pokémon occurs frequently, which attracts many fans to the streets. If you still want to join in, do not be late, the "Pokémon Go" app can be downloaded for free for all mobile phone types.

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