Sport «Most Empowered» in the Teresa and «Hipodamo de Mileto»...

«Most Empowered» in the Teresa and «Hipodamo de Mileto» in the Corpa, favorites


Javier Fernández-Cuesta


Tomorrow, Sunday, May 19, it will be held in the Hippodrome of La Zarzuela, the twelfth day of the season with seven exciting races, plus the third round of the II Ponyturf Championship, as always, starting at 11:30 am.

This Sunday begins the road to Grand Prix of Madrid of June 29, for that reason within the program two high schools will be played: the Teresa Award and the Corpa Award.

The maximum attention of the morning will be put therefore in the fifth race with the Teresa Award – Stud Torreduero, for mares 4 years and older, over the distance of 2,200 meters and endowed with € 18,000 for the winner. Eight aspirants to victory, at the orders of the Exit Judge. Briscola won the high school in favor of riding and here he will have more difficulty, but he is very fit and will fight again. New Ialy Bareliere and Crumblecreek, second and third in high school, will be very attentive and willing to reverse the result. Most Empowered has marked values ​​in France much higher than its rivals of tomorrow, and although this year has not stood out and needs more meters to perform, is the enemy to beat, it has also been re-enlisted. Magal will not go far.

And in the sixth race that will be played Corpa Award, for horses and mares of 4 years and also € 18,000 prize for the winner. An average "marathon" of 3,000 meters, with the best runners on the track. Of the seven contenders for the triumph, Hipodamo de Mileto stands out clearly, he has not lost in any of his five performances in Spain above 2,500 meters. Although it has had a very hard and unsuccessful test in France, here it will be very difficult to beat. Tuvalu deserves a respect for all that he has given us and he has yet to give us, he will be fighting the arrival again. King Lud had a rough ride in his previous exit after his victorious reappearance and here he has a lot to say. Qatar River had a beautiful presentation, the fight. Carrerón !!!

It will open the morning, the Campodrón Award, within Made in Spain Program, second race for the precocious generation, with the foals of 2 years on stage that will have to travel 1,000 meters in a straight line. Four participants, of which two have already premiered and because of what has been shown, we are left with Rosy Moon. From the debutantes, it seems that Pueyo can give a lot of war

In the second place, the The Bride Award, 3 year old fillies who have not won. Eleven candidates from the post of 1,400 meters. For what has been shown so far, Lajeen, Royal Destiny and Nina Petrovna, are listed as favorites and although a priori the race went through them, they will not have it easy. Hera, Makuki, Red Hut Red and Zugarramurdi, are not beaten beforehand.

The third race will be the King Frog Award, handicap unfolded second part, for horses and mares from 4 years onwards, over the distance of 1,800 meters. Ten participants Very equal race in which the favorites are, Popota, Fashionata and Atlantico, but I would not forget Psimbala and Renata that here have a lot to say. The surprise, Chimera.

The following will follow Marcos Carrasco Award, handicap unfolded first part, for horses and mares from 4 years onwards, also on the distance of 1,800 meters. Twelve participants Planteur Davier who could win in his reappearance with a complicated route, stands out as a favorite and has a beautiful opportunity. Billy Buzz, Metkaif, Trust in You, Alexandria and Nader, will not make it easy for you.

It will close the day, the Nouvel An Award, for colts and fillies of 3 years, on the distance of 1,800 meters and a prize of € 10,000 for the winner. Nine aspirants to victory. Red Man won by far in his last outing and only Axioco and Liberri have beaten him, top favorites for the Derby, which credits him as a favorite. Gormaz won with authority last Sunday. Surely the fight. Cossio has shown that you have to rely on him. African Memories demonstrated a lot to two years, but it has not run since October and it has a hard scale, hard reappearance, but …

And then, the third race of the Ponyturf Championship, and again the category C ponies will be on the track, representing Cuadros Il Padrino, Agrado, Haribo, Lola La Mota, Wikichoco and ¡HOLA !, along with their riders from 12 to 14 years old who will travel 350 meters on the track. grass. Boys and girls who after competing in this category could go on to ride the pure bloods of the Hipódromo de La Zarzuela as gentlemen or amazonas.

A new opportunity to have fun as a family with this third test that will be sponsored by the Intheos Foundation, whose mission is to fight cancer through research, and deliver to the seven participating children a Pepe Jeans watch.

And of course, you can eat in the foodtrucks located in the North Garden and in the South, which offer hamburgers, sweet and savory crepes, rice dishes, barbecues and sandwiches of squid or ham. It is also available to anyone who wants the delicious Brunch of Mallorca under the Central Tribune, and the appetizers and tapas of the Hippodrome Bars.

For children, the Ponyturf Club with activities, bouncy castles and the famous pony rides that they like so much because they make them feel like real riders.

And at the end of the races and until 5:00 p.m., they will be back in the North Garden playing live the best-known songs of the 80s and 90s, the Triboo Pop group.

We remind you that there are more than 2,000 free parking places, and also free buses with departure from 10:30 h. every 20 minutes as a shuttle from Paseo Moret in Moncloa.

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