Henry, the Barça connection of Robert Martínez

Robert Martínez (Balaguer, Lleida, 1973) has no link with Barcelona, the game style of Cruyff and the DNA of La Masia. It was canterano of Zaragoza (only played a game in First), He left for England with 22 years to play in Wigan. At 34, the Swansea, another one of his exequipos in the islands, you hire as coach, where he has spent his entire career – in fact, his nickname is Bob Martinez – until in 2016 the selection of Belgium he thought of him because of his great knowledge of the Belgian stars that play in the Premier League.

However, until the World Cup in Russia, Martinez had as an assistant Thierry Henry. The French ex-leader does he played three years in the Camp Nou between 2007 and 2010. That is to say that it worked a course with Rijkaard and two with Pep Guardiola, with which he won the triplet and the Sis Copes of 2009. In total, he played 120 games and scored 49 goals, including two in the 2-6 history of the Bernabeu.

Know the house

World champion with France in 1998 and idol of the Arsenal, his presence and charisma has always liked Bartomeu

Henry knows the house and his presence and charisma in football (he was world champion with France in 1998 and is an idol at Arsenal) Josep Maria Bartomeu has always liked, who has thought on several occasions to try the return of Marmoset to the club.

In fact, Henry's name was already on the table last season after the Rome debacle in the Champions League. At that time, the Frenchman was the second coach of Martinez, with which he got the third place in the 2018 World Cup. Finished the World Cup of Russia, Henry broke away from the Belgian team to try his luck alone.

After the World Cup in Russia

The first adventure of the Frenchman, at Monaco, was brief: in 20 pieces between October and January 2019, he only won five

His first and only adventure was disappointing. And that also knew the destination. In October, the Monaco, in positions of descents, resorted to him to try to be saved. In 20 games he only won five. And in January he was dismissed. That bad experience makes him fall off the names that Barcelona shuffles for the future.

But Henry would be the ideal complement to accompany and advise Robert Martinez, who also has very much in mind the advice of his good friend Jordi Cruyff, with whom he has a close relationship.

Two hosts

With all his career in England, Robert Martinez would rely on the advice of Henry and is a friend of Jordi Cruyff

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