The Waldhof fans celebrate at the water tower promotion to the 3rd League.

© MANNHEIM24 / Nils Wollenschläger

The SV Waldhof Mannheim rises in the 3rd league! After the victory against Wormatia Worms, the party crowd wanders from the stadium to the water tower. The celebration video:

The Waldhof-Buwe let it really crack on Saturday! After this 1: 0 home win against Wormatia Worms SV Waldhof finally stands as Promoted to the 3rd league firmly. After three missed attempts may finally be celebrated, Mannheim is after 16 years back in professional football.

Already in the Carl-Benz-Stadion celebrates the team around Captain Kevin Conrad with the fans. Afterwards it goes to the Mannheim water tower to the point:

SV Waldhof in league 3: The photos of the promotion!

All news about the rise can be found in the MANNHEIM24 ticker!


Source: Mannheim24


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