The decision was made not to disrespect the Muslim players, for whom the consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

It's a decades-old tradition that will end in England. According to Daily MailAs of this spring, the British Football Federation will stop distributing champagne to the players of the FA Cup winning club. A choice motivated by the desire not to offend any Muslim player, whose religion strictly forbids the consumption of alcohol.

Champagne without alcohol for the "visual" aspect?

For years, it was around a box of champagne, discreetly installed in the locker room of the victorious team, that the winners of the trophy were used to meet to celebrate their title, splashing on the bubbly drink. But in order not to embarrass some players, the federation has decided to put an end to these festivities. This measure will be applied from the FA Cup final between clubs Manchester City and Watford, May 18, and should be extended to all competitions organized by the UK, which does not rule out the possibility of distributing alcohol-free champagne to perpetuate this tradition, at least for the "Visual".

The English championship, called Premier League, had already stopped in 2012 to distribute a bottle of champagne to the elected players "man of the match", after the refusal of some footballers for religious reasons. A measure that has at least allowed to comply with the law, since not all players are necessarily major. In Germany, the French player Franck Ribery, Muslim, had been sprinkled with beer in 2013, following his title of champion with Bayern Munich, by one of his teammates. A bitter experience that had led to the cooling of relations between the two players.

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