Sport Today A member of the General Assembly breaks into the...

A member of the General Assembly breaks into the national Maran and attacks the players


05:33 PM

Saturday 20 April 2019

Books – Ramadan Hassan:

A member of the General Assembly in Al-Ahli club attacked the players today inside the club's headquarters on the island, during the team's match at the stadium Mokhtar Tch.

A member of the General Assembly of the players of the team: "Who does not bear the responsibility to wear the shirt Ahli have to go, and know them, Abdul Hafiz means Aht-shirt Ahli."

He added: "O Bibo, if they say that if the Ahli shirt has been removed, the name of Ahli will be dropped."

Other members continued to chant against the players, saying: "You have become a player who is full of all her interests, answering Yekat."

Al Ahly dropped the African Champions League by South Africa's Sundowns, losing top spot in the Premier League with a 1-0 loss to Pyramids and a 3-0 drop to third place.



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