Youtube: African football player's criminal kick hits the world of football | Video | | sports

Youtube: African football player's criminal kick hits the world of football | Video | | sports

A criminal flying kick in a match between the U-17 national teams of Tanzania and Burundi has gone viral on the website's video platform, YouTube. Before the end of the Africa Cup for minors, the Burundian midfielder, Assumani Bundengeri was eluded masterfully by Morice Abraham and, unable to overcome the humiliation, decided to kick him aggressively in the neck. YOU CAN SEE They annul Jefferson Farfán's goal in a match for the Russian league [VIDEO] The play did not end there and not satisfied with his aggression, the Burundian, Assumani Bundengeri, fell and stepped hard on his rival, who did not hit more than to stay thrown in the 'green'; complaining about the double blow received. However, the criminal lack of the Burundian ended up being awarded. The referee did not admonish the aggressor with any card, unleashing the anger of the players of the sub 17 of the combined of Tanzania. YOU CAN SEE Carlos Neumann failed a penalty with a terrible definition against Sport Boys [VIDEO] It should be noted that the action of Assumani Bundengeri is not the only violent play that has been seen in the world of football. In Youtube you can see an infinity of aggressions that have gone around the world. The clash between the sub-17 delegations of Tanzania and Burundi was at the National Stadium 'Benjamin Mkapa' in the city of Dar es Salaam. Enclosure named after the third president of Tanzania, Benjamin William Mkapa; with capacity for 60 thousand people, inaugurated in 2007.


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