There is the news, very tense at the moment, and its impact, much lighter. By ricochets, the mobilization of Yellow Vests this Saturday everywhere in France has just caused the postponement of six of the ten days of Ligue 1 … but also the cancellation of the virtual football day Mon Petit Gazon.

If you do not understand the previous sentence, My Little Lawn is a free application in vogue bringing together nearly half a million football fans. Between friends, between colleagues, you will put your team in a series of auctions on the players of the Championship of France Ligue 1. Every day, the team you have the reins scores a number of goals that varies according to the number of real goals scored on L1's lawns. To which are added virtual goals that basically reward the notable performance of a real player.

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The announcement of the postponement of the meetings of Ligue 1 finally pushed the creators of MPG to consult Friday morning their users. More than 80,000 votes later, the cancellation won by 59%. The next match will take place next week (14-16 December). A little respite, therefore, for the cardiacs fans of this game …

Not good news for everyone

This announcement, at six o'clock of the closing of the composition of the teams has, in any case, disconcerted more than one. In principle, when a match is postponed, the players of both teams get the score of five out of ten. Even the substitutes and the wounded. Which is not good news in the absolute, even if RMC Sport explained to you Thursday, at the price of very advanced strategies and calculations that we will not explain to you here, how to try to limit the case.

So many of them have made their arrangements in the past 48 hours by remaking their team speed or by buying other players (for the paid version of the game). Others were happy to meet an opponent whose majority of players were deprived of lawn. This is the case for most of the big teams of the championship (Paris, Lyon, Monaco or Marseille). On paper, the owners of players Rennes, Dijonnais, Guingampais, Amiens, Lille or Remy left therefore advantaged.

Departing from the 5/10 rule has had the gift of annoying those who have completely upset their numbers. "If your opponents have a semblance of dignity, they will give you your black market exchanges (Note: the "underground" mercato proposed in the paid version) and they will not buy your players that you can not buy for 48 hours, "have tried to reassure the creators of the game Not sure that fair play is the cardinal virtue of this game to the second degree and humor schoolboy very pushed.


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