In a soft voice, very calm, the second line of the Blues and Stade Français returned to the new defeat of the XV of France against South Africa (29-26) with strong words. At 30, Yoann Maestri (63 caps) is old and his statement is without appeal. Between lassitude and fatalism.

How do you explain this new setback while you were holding the match?

YOANN MAESTRI. It's been years that we always say the same thing. We missed this precision which meant that we were not able to hold the result 30 seconds from the end when we were five meters from their goal line (Editor's note: mixed for the Blues). It's something that we all do with our respective teams in the league and we can not do it.

You have already experienced this kind of scenario with the Blues …

It's even familiar to us. We discussed it with the elders, we had matches like that in November or in the tournament, where we thought we would win and we lost in the end. There was Ireland, for example, in the last tournament (Editor's Note: Drop Sexton three minutes after the siren while the Blues led 13-12 and camped in the Irish half field a few seconds from the end).

What is your feeling ?

We are shot. Unfortunately, we are in our place. We've been saying this for years. Looks like we do not want to win. We played as if we were behind the score at the end while we led.

Is there anything positive to be gained from this failure?

The energy, the abnegation, the intensity that we put at times, but it is too weak, it is the minimum when wearing this jersey. In these high level matches, that is not enough. You have to be lucid. We must not be humble against Argentina or Fiji (Editor's note: the next opponents the two Saturdays who arrive). We saw it last year by drawing against Japan (Editor's note: 23-23).

Do you feel far from the level of the great nations?

We had to fight to score our points while South Africa did not need to do much. This is what differentiates a great team and another who doubts. On the match, the gap seems minimal but if we see how we score the points, it is great.

What can you do now?

We say we are black, we do not have the right to win. At this point we are going to have to be positive about everything we can. We will do everything to lift the head by training and starting with a common goal to try to erase some nonsense and renew what was good but it will not be easy.

Will there be explanations between you, the players?

We'll talk. I can not hear anymore that we are not far away. Either we give up or we show self-sacrifice, but it's very hard. We will continue to cling to the old ones, and then, for the youngest, I hope they will feast one day and they will win matches.


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