Former surf pro Andy Laufer from Herrsching sets a German speed record in Namibia.

Andy Laufer has just completed a beautiful, sometimes bizarre and in the end very successful journey. The trip led the former windsurfing professional, now 48, residing in Herrsching am Ammersee, married and father of three small children, to Namibia – in the middle of a bizarre leftover German colonial rule. Lüderitz is the name of the small town with its Wilhelminian style villas, whose already dubious splendor has long since faded. But the area is now one of the hottest windsurfing spots in the world. At least for speed records. Laufer, the former party king, heartthrob and lover of fast cars, who retired from professional sports in the mid-30s and is now back in high-class competitions, has now returned with a German record from Africa. 51.32 knots, which corresponds to 95.05 km / h, reached Laufer on the 500-meter track, which looks as bizarre as Lüderitz itself. Because the annual Lüderitz Speed ​​Challenge, in which all world records of the past ten years have been set, finds not on the open sea, but on an artificial canal right on the coast. There, the wind unfolds an enormous suction effect. From a "highlight in my quite quite a long surfing career" spoke Laufer after his record run, which catapulted him even in second place in the world best list. However, he must fear for the German record. For while the Herrschinger again drove ten hours by rental car to Cape Town and from there flew back home because he has professional obligations – including a real estate startup and a dating agency – is his great national competitor Gunnar Asmussen still at the bis November 25th active challenge. If Asmussen should oust him, Laufer is considering returning to Lüderitz spontaneously in the next few weeks with a good wind forecast. He simply can not escape the tide of surfing.



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