Why Bayer coach Kovac can only smile about the criticism

Why Bayer coach Kovac can only smile about the criticism

eIt seemed a bit as if Bayern coach Niko Kovac want to get rid of a lot compared to the Munich journalists. In the press conference before the Bundesliga match against Borussia Mönchengladbach (18.30 clock in F.A.Z. Liveticker for football Bundesliga and on Sky) he went because of the criticism of his person on the offensive. "I want to make that clear," began the Kovac after three competitive games without success under pressure his notable counterattack. Then he countered every single point – objectively and calmly, but also with a good dose of sweetness.

He was neither baffled nor had he lost the backing in the team, Kovac said: "The mood in the cabin is positive, the players can all together. That it's seething: that's not so! "

That the wind has turned so fast after seven competitive victories at the start, "that's a bit of a smirk, I have to say quite honestly," he said, smiling broadly. His restrained reaction after the sobering 1-1 in the Champions League against Ajax Amsterdam, among other things by saying that he had to sort out his thoughts, had nothing to do with perplexity. And it should not have been an announcement for a rethink of his way of working and his players. "I will certainly never stand down and concretize my players, that will not happen to me. These are my players, this is our team, "Kovac emphasized instead the importance of the collective.

Two-way talk with Uli Hoeneß

He was clearly trying to close the ranks. Therefore, he had sought before his appearance on Friday, the conversation with President Uli Hoeness. His statement that in the end Kovac had to "head down" for the (last failed) rotation was "not to be construed as a criticism, but as a statement: a coach is responsible for the lineup," said Kovac. Hoeneß assured him that. The contact with the president as well as CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was "very, very good".

And the rotation? "We also practiced it successfully," said Kovac, the current dent, which he called "a small phase", could not be "pushed on it". Voices, after which his training had been lax last, Kovac countered almost sarcastically: "Men, now it's funny!" Tougher units were impossible in English weeks. Reports that the stars missed a game idea were as clear as those about an alleged problem with Colombian midfielder James Rodríguez. "He is an exceptionally important player for this club," said Kovac, "everyone here has a high priority – for the club, but also for me."

At the moment, complained the 46-year-old, was simply "everything against us, but that will turn. There is no point in throwing everything over. We need to readjust things. "This includes being more compact again, eliminating the slight mistakes and playing more controlled forward. Remarkably, these were his first statements related to athletic problems. "Now the boys have to roll up their sleeves," Kovac said. Second in the table-second duel with the fourth is Mats Hummels, who has received the green light after his head injury.


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