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The notion that Bill Belichick's decision to place Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII was a premature move based on how much Tennessee Titans' cornerback fought this season is for any "Do Your Job" apologist a ridiculous jump. We're supposed to be the biggest mystery of New England sports history on this site of Craig Grebeck's disappearance with the elemental conclusion that "Oh … Bill knew that?"

The former Patriots Super Bowl hero was a disaster with the Titans. He had admitted most receptions, received yards and received touchdowns from every cornerback of the NFL, Pro Football Focus said. This has put the crowd "In Bill We Trust" into a Tizzy, using Butler's battles as example # 4,567, why Belichick is ahead of every curve.

However, during the off-season over five years, Butler has signed a deal with the Titans for $ 61 million. Before Belichick found his Butler truth serum, the patriots had apparently offered him $ 66 million in the last six years.

What did Bill know then?

Or, what did Bill know about a deal similar to the four-year, $ 62 million contract he received from the New York Giants last March, when the Patriots allegedly offered offensive against Nate Solder? The same business that belongs to the worst of the offseason?

Butler was bad, but let's not pretend that the guy is nothing more than a product of the Patriots, who lacks any recognizable talent.

Why he did not play in the Super Bowl, someone should ask Belichick.

Selection of this week:

Erik Bacharach, The Tennessean: Patriots 27, Titans 20. "Patriots have averaged 35.5 points per game over the past six weeks. This is a runaway freight train running towards Nissan Stadium. The glittering defense of the Titans will take some action to slow the New England, but not enough to keep up with their crime. "

Joe Rexrode, The Tennessean: Patriots 30, Titans 23. "The Titans can move the ball on the Patriots and collect some points. But Titans' NFL best defense will be a hit after Tom Brady and Josh Gordon. "

Greg Cote, Miami Herald: Patriots 27, Titans 21. "Incentive-Intangible assets suggest an annoyance to the home team. Pats beat Tennessee last season from the playoffs. Titans coach Mike Vrabel played for Belichick and OC Dean Pees is a Belichick protégé. Aside from that, patriots are much better and Marcus Mariota does not outperform Tom Brady. "

Jimmy Kempski, Philly Voice: Patriots "In the last five games of Tom Brady against Tennessee (he has gone 5-0), the Patriots have surpassed the Titans in 201-66. This Titans team is not good, as I have Tom's chances of smoking them again. "

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: Patriots 30, Titans 17. "Former Patriots defender Mike Vrabel, Titans coach, faces Bill Belichick. That will be interesting. The Titans impressed on Monday night when they defeated Dallas, but New England's defense will slow Marcus Mariota's small upswing, and the Patriots will go to Nashville and handle the Titans. "

CBS Sports staff: Six out of eight choose New England (+6.5 Titans). Everyone likes the Pats directly.

Gerry Dulac, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Titans 20, Patriots 17. "The Patriots have won six consecutive matches, but Tom Brady has been under pressure in the last two games (if possible). If the Titans can put the same pressure on Brady as Dak Prescott does, you'll get the Upset Special. "

David Steele, Sporting News: Patriots 23, Titans 19. "Is it fair to announce this as a playoff rematch, as Bill Belichick and Co. are unlikely to even acknowledge it? The Titans will feel what it's worth, and they're just unpredictable enough to make that interesting – they beat the Eagles and the Cowboys, but lost three in a row. The defense of the Patriots sneaks in the direction of the playoff groove, which Marcus Mariota does not even have to see after his bounce-back game on Monday. "

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Patriots 30, Titans 21. "The Patriots will see some familiar faces as Jon Robinson, Mike Vrabel, Dean Pees, Malcolm Butler and Dion Lewis all work for the other side. They hope to be a little healthier with Sony Michel and Rob Gronkwoski, but if not, Tom Brady will find the right counterparts in a common passing game. The race of Marcus Mariota and Lewis can keep the Titans going, but New England will use Butler for some Keyscore games to stay in the lead. "

Michael Hurley, CBS Boston: Patriots (-7). "Did you know that the Tennessee Titans are 12: 3 in the last 15 home games? Do not you have Bet ya? That gives me a break here, as does the fact that this game is embedded right after a Packers showdown in primetime and a goodbye week for the Patriots. If the most disciplined and focused team ever diverted attention from the goal, it would be this week. But the Titans are just not good. You are not. (I'm only 5-4 on Patriots picks this year, which is not good either.)

SB Nation employees: All New England.

Mike Florio, professional football talk: Patriots 27, Titans 17. "The Titans can beat anyone. The Patriots do not seem to be vulnerable to anyone right now. "

Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk: Patriots 24, Titans 13. "It's a student against a teacher with Mike Vrabel training against Bill Belichick, and I'll take the defense of the Patriots to end the Titans' crimes."

Mass live Employees: All patriots (-6.5). "The Titans are 4-4, but they lead the NFL. On average, they are only allowed to pay 17.6 points per game. That and the game on the way should at least make this game a bit more cautious for the Patriots. "

Joe Giglio, Patriots (-6.5). "The Titans will make this interesting for a while, but expect the Patriots to pull Malcolm Butler into the second half."

Thirty-five Patriots with a 63% chance of winning.

Elliot Harrison, Patriots 26, Titans 17. "Could Patriot Victory End Here? New England has won six consecutive victories, scored points as needed (SEE: Chiefs, Packers), held on demand (SEE: Dolphins, Bills, Packers), and forced special teams as needed (SEE: Bears). , What will be necessary for the suddenly released Titans? Solid blocking for beginners and solid special teams. This Tennessee defense is no joke. The Titans may be the first to be allowed offensive points throughout the NFL (141). They are also hell-on-wheels in the red zone, allowing for only 1.6 meters per game, a 51.2 passer rating, and touchdowns only 31.8 percent of the time. The Pats have to make stormy turns and let Tom Brady knock the ball when the field near the title line is pressed. And Stephen Gostkowski has to be money. He is so rich that he does not even know he is money. "

It says: Patriots 33, Titans 21. This game is less about how the patriots attack Malcolm Butler than about how Vrabel can defend himself against Belichick.


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