Dhe green-white party started punctually with the final whistle. Werder Bremen's fans have been singing about the European Cup, but Florian Kohfeldt does not (yet) like to speak in spite of the very best birthday mood. "We've always had phases of loss of control, so I was not completely satisfied," said the coach, but still enjoyed the 2-0 (1-0) victory in Nordduell over VfL Wolfsburg. Thus, the Bremen are once again in front of Bayern in the table – at least until the game of Munich this Saturday against Mönchengladbach (18.30 clock in the F.A.Z. Liveticker for football Bundesliga and Sky). Kohfeldt, however, did not want to give it that much. How does second place feel like? "Better than 16th place," he said dryly.

Pride flashed from his eyes as the 36-year-old cheerfully left the Weserstadion. After seven games, it becomes clearer and clearer that the desired return to the international stage is still an ambitious but also a realistic goal. 14 points from seven matches, that would have been extrapolated at the end of the season to 68 meters – and a virtually safe place in a European competition.

"All in all, we've had more good than weak phases since the start of the season," said Kohfeldt, adding that the green-and-white start into the new season was a bit misterized. He proved himself in his personal decisions a golden touch: The goal for the 2-0 final (86.) was a co-production of two substitute Claudio Pizarro, who had become 40 years old on Wednesday, and Johannes Eggestein. He is considered one of the greatest talents in Bremen. In the environment, some were already restless, why the 20-year-old has not yet made the breakthrough. "The expectations were completely exaggerated," said Kohfeldt about the brother of 21-year-old Maximilian Eggestein. "That's why I'm particularly pleased that he scored his first goal today. He should enjoy the day. "

The interaction of Pizarro and Eggestein is proof of how broad the Hanseatic League is. Kohfeldt: "We have a squad who can also catch something." Currently you can easily replace weak, injured or injured players on the Weser. That's exactly what was missing in the Hanseatic city by no means disappointing Wolfsburgern. Bruno Labbadia's personnel measures did not work properly, after two opening victories, the Niedersachsen slip after their first away defeat more and more into midfield.

The injury-related lack of the two nominal "sixes" Josuha Guilavogui and Ignacio Camacho just could not be easily compensated. "Nevertheless, it was a defeat that did not have to be," Labbadia complained not quite wrong, because before the 1: 0 by Danny Klaassen (35) had also not shown much to the home team.



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