"We prepare them for the road, not the way"

"We prepare them for the road, not the way"

Barça's sports news ends up devouring most of the projects that the Barça club has set in motion, but the organization does not resign and seeks spaces for dissemination. The goal is to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to accentuate it More than a club because the motto is not rovelli. One of the strongest bets is the Masia 360, a program that is eighty million euros annually, not counting the salaries of trainers. "It is one of the programs that the club considers to be a star. It was created within the strategic plan 2014-2020 to give added value that the other clubs in Europe do not have. The difference between a club and another can not be just the budget. Barca had to be something else, and we bet to train people through sport, "summarizes Albert Soler.

The professional sports director, who left the soccer area a year ago, took advantage of the first congress of the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia (UFEC) to detail the bull's sticks of the program, which complements the competitive side of the players from the squad. "It is a change of direction with respect to what the club has always done, since we now use sports to educate children. The goal is not only sport but comprehensive training, "explains Soler. Families quickly accepted the new system, but the most difficult transition was that of home coaches. "They had to change the chip, since we started asking for different things," the executive acknowledges.

"There are five points on which the Barça Masia 360 program is based: to accompany the sportsman in a comprehensive way, to create training spaces for coaches, to train emotional competencies, to implement training that will allow the family to have a shared and aligned vision and understand that the whole environment educates. We prepare them for the road, not the path, "Soler said.

"Dreams that are not fulfilled"

The chances of a youngster from finishing the first team are very small, especially in the case of football. "We are a dream house that is almost never met and, therefore, it is important to manage frustration. Our goal is to win the maximum number of competitions with the maximum number of players trained at home. This is very complicated because the competition is very large, "argues Soler.

The former water polo player details how the interactions have changed. "The coach is not related to the family, only with the boys and with the tutors. He must know how to manage emotions. The tutor's figure is new, three years ago. Its role is to relate to the athlete, the family and the coach. In addition, there is a psychologist who keeps track of the family. We also try to give a lot of importance to the people we call invisible. From taxi drivers to chefs, going through concierges, "he says.

The Laureus rewarded the best sporting event of 2016 with the rival that had one of the La Masia teams. In this case, children B. Barça players comforted the rival team, Omiya Ardija, after overcoming them in the final of the World Challenge Cup, an image that became viral through the networks "The values ​​must impregnate everything the club does. When we received the Laureus prize for the behavior of the children's team, we understood that something is doing well. We are looking for success, but the success of the program is that tomorrow we have good professionals who have gone through the club. It's not about money but to bet on a concept, "Soler said.

The athletes that are part of Masia 360, about 640, have personalized tutorials, reinforcement classes, personalized work of emotional aspects, nutritional habits, use of social networks or knowledge of the same club. "They have to know who defended before them the Barça shirt and what does the club's shield bring to the chest," recalls Soler. Forming part of Barça implies more than training and playing the game on the weekend.


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