We do not deserve to be in last place

We do not deserve to be in last place

MEXICO – Francisco Ayestarán, coach of Pachuca, was pleased with the performance his team had against Pumas, considering that they showed that they do not deserve the last position, besides that he assured that the arrival of Leonardo Ulloa will not change the destiny of his squad "The point is important, but aside from the sensations point, I think we have played a face-to-face match with a team that was leading, that had won everything they had played, we have shown that we did not deserve to be in the last position. Today we have taken the point, which we hope will be the turning point, "he shared at a press conference after winning his first unit in the tournament. Reyes will rescue the improvements he saw in his goals compared to the previous duels:" I'm happy because in the last third we have been deeper and more aggressive, it was difficult to play in the midfield, but we have tried it, the goal often goes through streaks. two we have not generated enough. "Finally, the strategist informed that he expects Leonardo Ulloa to report to the institution tomorrow:" The most important are those who are, a player is not going to change your destiny, I think the most important thing is that all try to give their best version, we have a very good template and the reinforcements that arrive, hopefully they will help us ".

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