Healthy parenting

Everyone knows that parents' job is to create a supportive environment for their children, giving them the opportunity to make their own mistakes and everything they need to solve their problems and learn from them.

In some cases, however, it can mean putting your son in the path of a ball to teach him how to save a shot.

Parenting 101 really …

In a U8 match against Llanilar FC in Wales, the little goalkeeper of Bow Street FC seemed to be distracted by his father behind the goal.

As one of the ruthless rivals you often see in children under the age of 8, the Llanilar striker was just too keen to take advantage of the situation by cautiously setting the goal.

The Bow Street goalie did not know how dangerous his team was, though he was still distracted by his father's presence. The father, however, was aware of the danger of his son.

He did the only thing he could do to save the situation, creating a contender for the funniest video of the year.



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