Washington Redskins rookie runs back Derrius Guice for the season

Washington Redskins rookie runs back Derrius Guice for the season

Washington Redskins Rookie runs away Derrius Guice ripped his ACL and is out for the season, the team announced on Friday.


Guice injured his left knee at the end of the first quarter on Thursday in the opening game against the New England Patriots.

A second round draft decision from LSU, Guice had 19 yards on six vehicles before leaving the game. After losing the Redskins 26-17, he hung around with his teammates in the locker room, sucking a lollipop on his locker as he scrolled through his cell phone.

He later went from the dressing room to the team buses, and there was a noticeable stiffness in his crotch.

Fellow running back Chris Thompson, who suffered a leg injury in 2017, said via Twitter that the news Guice had hit for the season had hit him hard.

Guice sprained his left knee at LSU last season, but missed just one game. He made a quick first impression of his Redskins teammates, including backup quarterback Colt McCoy, who said Guice was "fun to watch" and a "great player."

Guice's character was pushed before and during the design process, but the Redskins had been content with his behavior. They said he was attentive in meetings and asked good questions.

In the field, team members gushed about what he could do, and Thompson said he wanted Guice to rush for 1200 yards. His engaging personality won fans as he remained on autograph sessions after most exercises. Guice was one of the Redskins' most anticipated rookies in the fanbase, certainly since Robert Griffin III in 2012.

Information from ESPNs Mike Reiss and John Keim have contributed to this report.

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