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Saturday 10 November 2018 – 9:09 PM
| Final Update:
Saturday 10 November 2018 – 9:12 PM

Ismaili's technical body, led by Portuguese

Jorvan Vieira, Mahmoud Abu Joudeh, a director of the youth team, was invited to attend the camp in Alexandria preparing for the game against Sunday's Sunday guards in the 14th round of the Premier League.
The Dervishes established the young director as a substitute for the first team player, Karim Bambo, having confirmed that the second was out of the border, tomorrow at the Al-Max stadium in Alexandria.
Bambus suffered in the ankle of the foot, in Ismaili, to make it difficult for Alexandrian to be given.
Al Darwish, who finished 11th with 13 points in the Premier League board, finished Saturday preparations to face the border, which is 18th and final with 9 points.


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