Video of kick to the neck and stomp in match Tanzania - Burundi - International Soccer - Sports

Video of kick to the neck and stomp in match Tanzania - Burundi - International Soccer - Sports

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The unsportsmanlike entry occurred on Saturday in a sub-17 match between Tanzania and Burundi.

                                            The technical staff and the substitute bank of Tanzania protested immediately for the disproportionate action.
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                    August 12, 2018, 04:08 p.m.
                An unusual play has terrified the football world this weekend by the level of violence and foul play shown in full court. This Saturday was played a match of the African Cup under 17 between Tanzania and Burundi when, already in time of replacement, the captain of Tanzania, Morice Abraham, received a pass to the void left tip. When he saw that the field was running out and that the opposing defender blocked his way, the player began to return. Two more Burundian players arrived, one of them was Assumani Bundengeri, who went straight to recover the ball. Abraham came up with the genius of making a hat for Bundengeri, who reacted with an act of unexpected violence in the face of humiliation: throwing a karate kick at his neck. Not content with having knocked down his rival, he went towards him and stomped on his left leg, even though he was hit on the floor. Defeat in match in Africa Defeat in Africa.
The referee of the engagement, Belay Tadesse whistled foul, but did not show any cards.
Tanzania won two goals for one.
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