Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of Green Bay Packers, has almost everything a man or a girl would ever need. He has the championship, the records, the star girlfriend … the commercials! But Rodgers was lacking in an area out of the field (not that anyone was concerned) because he was having trouble with his family. Well, it seems the relationship between them is back on track. See for yourself:

If Rodgers When he learned that his former head coach Mike McCarthy had been fired, he was asked where he was. Legend has it that he spent time with his parents on his birthday because he was in town.

That's remarkable because Rodgers In recent years, he has been known to his family, especially to his brother Jordan, who recently called him on social media for failing to contact his mother while being evacuated during the California forest fires.

Still, it's nice to see one of the NFL's bigwigs repair his relationship with his loved ones in time for the holidays.


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