VfB Stuttgart: neighborly help under Swabia

VfB Stuttgart: neighborly help under Swabia
  • VfB Stuttgart can still win, because the new coach Markus Weinzierl gets help from Augsburg.
  • The former FCA professionals Thommy and Altintop help in the 2-0 win in Nuremberg – in various roles.

From Anna Dreher, Nuremberg

In a way, that was not a victory for VfB Stuttgart on Saturday. Schedule and obvious observations suggest that, but on closer inspection was the 2-0 (0-0) of VfB at 1. FC Nuremberg actually a success of FC Augsburg. Or, better, it was a successful Swabian-Swabian co-production. Continuation not excluded, much to the reassurance of Stuttgart coach. "That was very, very important for us today because we had a very difficult time," said Markus Weinzierl after the second win of the season. "But we have not achieved anything yet."

The Kadervorsprung Bayern has been used up

The Munich people no longer have to hold pseudo-powerful press conferences: they can turn their gaze inwards – and work on the necessary upheaval.

Comment by Christof Kneer

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Because also Dusseldorf and Hannover could score, Stuttgart is now sole last. So it was more a good feeling that spread after this long-awaited sense of achievement and made for confidence, less the view of the table. But that is already a big step forward for VfB Stuttgart.

Because that had not worked so well with the goal shooting this season, something had to happen at VfB, the traditional club wanted so much to find a solution for his slow pretty annoying problem. Sport Board Michael Reschke so first attacked a variant that has helped others: He started the venture with a dismissal. Tayfun Korkut had to vacate the coaching bank for Weinzierl in October. But this solution really did not work out in Nuremberg until one month later, before that perhaps just an additional Augsburger component was missing.

This extra component sat with Weinzierl in the sold-out Max Morlock Stadium on the bench and discussed things with him – and twice, as this additional component could be exuberantly happy. Halil Altintop has been assistant coach of his former coach since Tuesday: In his four years as a professional at FC Augsburg, Weinzierl was a three-year Altintops coach. Weinzierl and Reschke have now brought the 35-year-old with the responsibility for "individual measures", as it is officially called.

The Bundesliga player of the hour

The BVB captain starts the turn against Bayern with two goals. After his eternal injury series, the 29-year-old has matured – and now has his old mentor back on the bench.

By Carsten Scheele

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In other words: Until Christmas, the ex-professional to take care of the analysis and improvements in standard situations. If no goals are eliminated from the game, then at least after resting ball! Also in this category was the previous balance sheet of VfB so frightening: in ten games no goal after corner or free kick – at standards the most innocuous team in the league.

Just the change to a four-chain improved the entire game

In Nuremberg, however, Altintop provided first proof of employment, and so happened what many parts of the Stuttgart annex had already considered almost impossible. 68 minutes into the game, Dennis Aogo's corner-kicking ball (!) Landed Timo Baumgartl, who scored in the 78th and 6500 minutes for the first time in the Bundesliga. "I could not believe that he went in," said Baumgartl later. "I was already raised by my colleagues that I will soon be the player with the most Bundesliga games without a goal." He will not win this category anymore. But there is Dennis Diekmeier (18 202 minutes) anyway very far forward.


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