UK Championship: Ronnie O & # 39; sullivan is not afraid of World Snooker sanctions - BBC Sport

UK Championship: Ronnie O & # 39; sullivan is not afraid of World Snooker sanctions - BBC Sport

Ronnie O & Sullivan crosses into the semifinals – best shots
Betway UK Championship
venue: York Barbican Events: 27th November – 9th December
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Ronnie O & Sullivan says he is not afraid of sanctions from World Snooker after he was warned by chairman Barry Hearn "enough is enough".

After reaching his 11th semi-final of the UK Championship, O & # 39; Sullivan continued his ongoing dispute with Hearn and repeated his plans for a breakaway tour.

But Hearn said, "No one is bigger than the sport, not me or Ronnie, but we need our stars."

O & # 39; Sullivan said his teammate John Higgins was with him "all day".

Triple British champion Higgins was deeply upset after leaving the second round in York and hinting that he could retire at the end of the season.

O & # 39; Sullivan suggested after his second round that he was "ready to go" and go on a runaway and then clarify that this would be a "last resort".

O & # 39; Sullivan said, "I talked to John and he said, 'Whatever you get, I'm in,' so I definitely have John aboard, I called him four and five days ago and asked him to call me when he is ready.

"We talked and I told him," I know why you said what you did. "He said he's not really in love with the game, but he can not continue like he did before.

"I asked if he would do anything to me and he left: Yes, all day I would like to do it."

I do it for the players – O & Sullivan

Five-time World Champion O & # 39; sullivan is not satisfied with the number of events on the calendar and the travel required to compete in the UK, Europe and China.

He says the system is "obviously unfair" and talked to a number of players who are "all in agreement" about the changes he wants to make. These include sowing at tournaments for the top 16 players and the leaderboards that are averaged by the tournaments played

Both Stuart Bingham and Mark Allen were asked by BBC Sport if they had signed the letter from O & Sullivan, but both did not say they had received one.

Allen said, "If he wrote things down and emailed the membership, it will be interesting, but in the end it comes to Barry and what he wants, the game is in the best shape it has ever been. "

Although O & Sullivan has participated in three out of nine possible ranked events this season, he is excellent. Prior to the UK Championship, "The Rocket" was among the finalists of the Northern Ireland Open, which reached the semifinals of the English Open. He also won two invitation events.

However, Hearn said he "leans backwards for Ronnie" and his "door is always open" for a discussion of any concerns. O & Sullivan declined the invitation because "it makes no sense" to speak with him.

O & # 39; Sullivan tweeted this news in a debate over a player's burnout on tour

O & Sullivan said: "Some of the other players do not want to give their name, I understand if they are worried about teasing Barry Hearn, but I was open and looking forward to accepting them.

"I can not be further discriminated -" Only Ronnie wants these changes, only Ronnie moans. "I've made it public and everyone has the feeling that it's something they can talk about, but what we really need Now, players have to put their name on it and put some pressure on them.

"I'm assuming that Hearn will say I'm selfish, but that's absolutely not the case, I'm doing it for the players and I'm not taking any of that, I'm just trying to extend my career and play the best Snooker Me can and to be the best that you can be.

"If his door is really open, let us have a transparent conversation, talk about it and be open to new ideas, new promoters and another tour, let people choose where to play and play together.

"Barry does not want that, he wants everyone to take part in his tournaments, and no one is allowed to set up his own tournaments unless you work for Barry.

"I'm a bit braver than most guys on the racetrack and I'm ready to look for an alternative."

O & # 39; Sullivan comments on the snooker "harmful"

World Snooker Chairman Barry Hearn has warned O & # 39; sullivan that no player is "bigger than the sport"

Hearn suggests that O & # 39; Sullivan be fined or fined for further outbreaks and said the player must "take the right action" by speaking to the WPBSA, the Players 'Association or the Players' Commission or write.

He added, "I have to plan something special with Ronnie, the guy is a genius and geniuses are not the same people as you and I. They do not have the same reasoning or the same train of thought.

"That does not mean you can ignore the rules, but you have to keep in mind that they are different people, I try Ronnie and it makes my life more and more difficult.

"I want to put an arm around Ronnie rather than hit him with a rock, he needs to understand how we work, and we need to understand that he has some points to consider Advantage of 128 players, not one.

"Of the 127 players, no one would consider doing anything with Ronnie O'Sullivan because his agenda for Ronnie O is Sullivan and it's on a selfish point, that's understandable, but it's detrimental to The game, when you talk to him big governments and major broadcasters, so they read of an outlier.

"It's a word that distracts you from sports, it's controversy, it's harmful and it has to stop."

Slow play is synonymous with fraud & # 39;

Hearn also wants to eradicate the slow game in the game and says anything over 30 seconds per shot is "over the top".

Thailand's Thepchaiya Un-Nooh is the fastest player on tour,