Tua Tagovailoa leaves the game after Mississippi State

Tua Tagovailoa leaves the game after Mississippi State

The Alabama quarterback and Heisman leader Tua Tagovailoa left Saturday's game of Tide against Mississippi State with an injury in the second half.

Tagovailoa suffered an injury in the third quarter and would therefore be taken to the injury tent. According to the CBS broadcast, Tagovailoa hit the quad on the same leg of his knee injury. According to CBS, the quad is the reason for Benken and not the knee.

Here is the hit that brought Tagovailoa to the sidelines:

Tagovailoa got out of the tent after a short time and was seen on the sideline on a trim bike.

Mac Jones came in quarterback for Alabama, who was 21-0 at the time of his injury. Jalen Hurts still has to deal with an ankle injury, which will use third tier Jones for Tagovailoa. In the fourth quarter, Hurts was seen wearing his helmet and warming up on the sidelines.

Jones took on the LSU after Tagovailoa had left the game after another big hit. Tagovailoa came back after a few games with Jones.

Tagovailoa never beat Mississippi State when Alabama won 24-0.

After the game, Nick Saban said, "He was beaten a bit. I think he's fine. "

We'll see how the week goes by and the tide is in front of the citadel on the 17th of November.

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