Translator of “Spartacus”: “Even my mother was stricter than Carrera”

Translator of “Spartacus”: “Even my mother was stricter than Carrera”

Artem Fetisov, translator of the former head coach of Spartak Massimo Carrera, noted that the expert did not allow himself to raise his voice for the players. “Is Carrera a strict coach? My mom was even stricter when compared. It is clear that there were some moments, but they are also workers. There was an expression of some kind of emotion, but there was no such thing about him shouting or cursing. Did he penalize someone at the club? Not that these were penalties, it was just a conversation about correctness that you need to respect each other. In terms of lateness, for example. So that everyone would be more comprehensible, ”Fetisov cites Soviet sport. .

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