Toto Wolff During the season there were two important points - Formula 1 on F1News.Ru

Toto Wolff During the season there were two important points - Formula 1 on F1News.Ru

The first participant in the FIA ​​piece of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff was today in St Petersburg, although everyone who had been waiting for Lewis Hamilton was, however, in line with the official information, the five-week curriculum was not sick and It is limited to the evening awards ceremony.
Toto Wolff said that despite his regular team-winning wins, he won the Fifty-time Championship Championship for the fifth time, and Hamilton's title, we were not really delighted to have a charge charged to Ferrari.
"When I followed the course of the struggle, I was not happy, because when you take part, it's very difficult," said the head of the curriculum team. – After all, there are times when everything is going well, and you're already thinking that the initiative is on your side, but then the story changes, and you have to compensate it.
But if you remember the last season, I would not want to go differently, because the struggle is the biggest thing in Form 1, and you're ready to deal with very strong competitors. Then you are even more satisfied at the end result. Although you need to be easy during the battlefield.
This year, there were two important points during the season, which can be considered as complex points, one of them is very difficult – this is a loss of the British Grand Prix. You can imagine that this is a home race for Lewis Hamilton and our staff. To lose the win on the road at Silverstone, where we were traditionally very good, it was unsuitable.
But we got the maximum to become stronger, and in my opinion, the point of view is Monza, because we were able to win in Italy. After that, we did not look at a lot of tracks, but we were particularly confident in Singapore, although it was earlier that it was not one of the best tracks. But we had a good car, and Lewis made incredible quality and won the pole. It seems to me that everything has done after everything has changed better in our favor. "
Mick Schumacher, one of the participants in the press conference, won the title in European Formula 3 this year. Wolff said Mercedes is looking at talented young riders, but Mick should have time: "Michael Schumacher started racing for Mercedes at the start of a sports car, and then the racer Formula 1 was always the most successful. If we talk about Mike, then this year, he was a champion in Formula 3, running a car with a Mercedes engine. This is amazing. But it's not in our youth program.
In my opinion, the most important thing is now to give time to it. His father became a big racer, and Mick now has a very difficult task: he goes to Formula 2, where many experienced professionals compete. But I have no doubt that they could succeed in Form 1 in the future. It may be with us, possibly in another team, but it's definitely a talented young driver. "

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