Tigre 2-2 San Lorenzo, for the Superliga: goals, summary, videos and statistics

Tigre 2-2 San Lorenzo, for the Superliga: goals, summary, videos and statistics

The Cyclone equaled before the Matador in Victoria in the premiere of both in the 2018/19 season of Argentine soccer. In the second game of the Superliga 2018/19, Tigre and San Lorenzo tied 2 to 2 in victory in a great game.
At Goal we invite you to review the goals and all the detailed statistics of this match:
MONTILLO ALMOST WINS IT ON THE FINAL#TNTSports | Tigre almost won with this free kick by Walter Montillo who went close to the near post by Navarro. An intense game is going on in Victoria.#Tiger 🆚 #San Lorenzo pic.twitter.com/NeV0r5NgSY
– TNT Sports LA (@TNTSportsLA) August 11, 2018WHERE WAS THE ARCHER?#TNTSports | It was a great goal! Botta proved from a distance after capturing Marinelli's poor clearance, but the ball went narrowly when the goalkeeper was already halfway there. #Tiger 🆚 #San Lorenzo pic.twitter.com/1KtcRxNCI7
– TNT Sports LA (@TNTSportsLA) August 11, 2018 THE RENIERO PUT IT#TNTSports | The pass of Canuto was short and Reniero very attentive took advantage of the bad exit of Marinelli to touch it down. In five minutes the Cyclone tied the game. #Tiger 🆚 #San Lorenzo pic.twitter.com/A5sLzDTYuo
– TNT Sports LA (@TNTSportsLA) August 11, 2018 DISCOUNTED BLANDI#TNTSports | Blandi took advantage of a bad header by Prediger to, in the second attempt, put the discount for San Lorenzo. Between the goal and the charge, Espinoza deliberated with the line, who did not see that a local player had lowered it. #Tiger 🆚 #San Lorenzo pic.twitter.com/5RM851nFH8
– TNT Sports LA (@TNTSportsLA) August 11, 2018 FEDERICO GONZÁLEZ SCREAMED 2-0#TNTSports | Error in the exit of San Lorenzo that Fede González took advantage to put the 2-0 with a left-footed low. He left with the whole place. #Tiger 🆚 #San Lorenzo pic.twitter.com/KhC8tdHDA7 The article follows below
– TNT Sports LA (@TNTSportsLA) August 11, 2018 ROJAS, NEAR THE TIRE TIRE FREE#TNTSports | Prior to Tigre's second goal, Ariel Rojas was very close to tie the game for the Cyclone with a very nice free kick. #Tiger 🆚 #San Lorenzo pic.twitter.com/hfrTpCHZ2q
– TNT Sports LA (@TNTSportsLA) August 11, 2018 GLOBE OF MENOSSI#TNTSports | Lucas Menossi great goal that controlled right and defined left-handed, without letting it bite, to leave it as a statue to Navarro. Win Tiger from the start by 1-0. #Tiger 🆚 #San Lorenzo pic.twitter.com/Y9AWkzW7DR

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