Ticker live Formula 1 May 2018: A news overview from Friday

Ticker live Formula 1 May 2018: A news overview from Friday

+++ Formula 1 Brazil: 2. Free training in the +++ report

22:56 clock
That was Friday
Ticket continues tomorrow. At 15:00 the clock closes the last free practice, and at 8:00 a clock this qualifies for the Brazilian Family Doctor. Every Saturday, of course, then again. Where Formula 1 is still running, you will find our schedule:

22:36 clock
We are revisiting the weather report for Saturday Formula 1 in Brazil. Is rain coming or not? Some riders and teams today believe that after training. Rain may be sure – but there is no guarantee. However, everyone was happy about the dry weather today, it was not guaranteed.

22:25 clock
One other penalty – Esteban Ocon must change gears. This means Daniel Ricciardo, starting from five more grid locations back on Sundays. This does not help Force India in the World Championship match against McLaren – they still need to get 15 points to pass McLaren and take the sixth place.

Haas back
After a Mexican disaster, Haas hoped that one in Brazil would return to the top 10. That's exactly what happened – Mexico seems to have a confused case again. "The car really felt from the beginning and it was also quick," says Kevin Magnussen. "Well, the speed looked good, as always, there are a couple of things left, but we like it, I think we feel more or less in the window to balance."

21:47 clock
Red Bull is better than it was considered
Are you looking forward to the poles? No However, Red Bull is happy with his performance after Friday's practice sessions. In the middle of the sector, the car is really strong, when they take the tenth time of competition. It does not help anything – because they will lose the exhaust outlet at the end of the round the time again.

21:32 clock
Sainz: Having feeling the same thing, worst time?
Renault made up in the middle of the field anyway. Out of Hulkenberg's absence – Sainz was only 14th "My feeling in the car is the same in Mexico and Austin, but the lap time at the end is just good," says Sainz. "This track is not good for us, that is, life is better than corners shorter than our car."

21:30 clock
Hülkenberg: Was there a passenger?
And Nico Hulkenberg? Which visit was on the Wall? "I got too big for the last corner and I took too much weight, I think there was too much," which describes the journey. "The car was sitting up, and from where it was made, I was a passenger, I got out of the road and on the grass, of course, there is no grip on the grass and it was clear that I met the wall would be. "

21:23 clock
Bottas: It got better and better
Valtteri Bottas is quite happy with the result today. It was not in the morning, but then it was better: "I had a couple of brakes and broken lapses, so it was difficult to find a good rhythm, but we improved the car in the evening and drank; I managed to find rhythm It seems that the pace was good, but the track is short, so the resources are small. "

21:03 clock
First penalty? Ricciardo laughs
Daniel Ricciardo seems to rise to the next level of desperation. After frustrating in Mexico, it seems to have made terms with the five penalties in Brazil. "I can now laugh now because this is the recent trend, what can you do? I'm not in my hands, but we're trying to get the most out of it."

20:33 clock
Coins in the frame
According to Pirelli, signs of wear today are in the tire frame. "There's no case for a big deal," says sports director Mario Isola. "One, they did not have an impact on performance – although the times of lap more than a second time were faster than comparable to last year."

20:23 clock
Vettel is confident
Apart from his fun in the cockpit, Sebastian Vettel is really confident before the race. "The coins were okay today, and badly looked after others, not only on Friday, and on Sunday, it will be getting tired, so it will be a bigger challenge."

20:15 clock
Vettel sa cockpit
What was the legs, Seb? "We then got a small screw that is a bit independent and then a bit from left to right," explains Vettel after training. "It's not a big problem, but if it gets stuck somewhere, it's not good, so we checked twice." For everyone who lost it – this is the radio message again:

20:12 clock
Mercedes is not happy
Toto Wolff did not get into a great deal after training, despite Valtteri Bottas's best time. "We were not much much better," says Toto Wolff at the ORF interview. "One lap was fine, but the long term was not fit." Since Vettel and Hamilton were traveling on soft bases at the same time, Vettel drove consistently by 1:13 – Hamilton did not drive but once at 1:13.

20:06 clock
Sorry Ricciardo Pole
Just to make sure – maybe Daniel Ricciardo think of Red Bull's poles? No "There would be two pretty couples, but Pole is a little bit in terms of the conditions, we had a reasonable car in the afternoon and there were thirty-three, and the others will go tomorrow."

20:03 clock
Verstappen problem
By the way, Max Verstappen's problem was at the start of the second free oil leakage practice session. "Oil storage started in front of the machine at skin, so oil began to leak in the first session," said Christian Horner with Sky UK. "So, it has to be changed, the guys made a great deal of removal and recovery." According to Horner, this is not a story that emerged in the first practice session: "We suspect the flow in Mexico, because we lost a bit of oil in the race, which we did not understand."

19:57 clock
Red Bull Pole is suspected
They were quick again today – but Valtteri Bottas finally put a change on the top of the pitch. Since there was always Mexico but Red Bull at the top. "I was immediately happy with the car, which was featured in the first practice," says Max Verstappen. "Unfortunately, I lost the start of the second session, so I have to go through the program quickly, and then I had traffic, I do not think we're going to the hole, but I was happy with the Longruns. "

19:53 clock
Vettel: OK, but not good
Sebastian Vettel discovered his way to the television interviews after the training. "We still have to find something, the car was right, but it's not good, so work is still there, especially on Sunday, it should be warmer, it could be difficult with the coins, we are in the right area but we can improve it. "

Country question
The big question after this training: Who makes the coins well, though not? Question marks are currently hanging over Ferrari. Better to give up the soft tires of Sebastian Vettel in advance, after going towards damage caused. There may not be a wear and tear phenomenon, but damage caused by an external impact. But it was not really good again in the Supersoft top, especially his coins were not back again – but this time seems to be a sun problem not only.

19:32 clock
Mercedes at the top
In the second practice was Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. However, Sebastian Vettel did not even have a decade in second place from the second time in the second practice.

19:11 clock
Vettel takes a humor
In the second practice Sebastian Vettel succeeded in a small problem. One part went between her feet. The Ferrari driver took a comedy.

19:03 clock
Or not
Following the first reports of rain, it seems to remain dry again. The current forecast speaks light rain in 15 to 30 minutes.

18:57 clock
Now the rain comes
The first warning drivers report their speakers. So finally the rain came betting.

Top ten at halftimePos.driver time
1Bottas1: 08.8462Hamilton1: 08.8493Vettel1: 08.9194Ricciardo1: 09.1645Räikkönen1: 09.4126Grosjean1: 09.7697Leclerc1: 09.9438Magnussen1: 10.0079Ocon1: 10.15910Gasly1: 10.33018: 17 o'clock
The session is released again. The training can continue. For Nico Hulkenberg, the working day is over.

18:10 clock
Nico Hülkenberg closes in the last corner and has to pull out his car. That means breaking the training session.

6:00 pm
Second training is open. Now all 20 regular drivers are on the way again.

17:55 clock
As usual, we live lively on all Formula 1 sessions in Brazil in our very connected ticket. There are placements and follow all drivers' times.

5:45 pm
hamilton helmet
Lewis Hamilton also gave a new helmet this weekend. On top of that, not only does he have five stars of the World Cup, but also a few reasons that are suitable for Brazil.

Hamilton helmet design for Brazil

17:30 clock
30 minutes to FP2
What is Formula One calendar of the future? Now with Vietnam 2020 there is one race on the list … More about it in today's vision by Christian from Sao Paulo. Although it has crossed the intense traffic on the road.

Race calendar Formula 1: The Future of Vietnam and Brazil: (4:21 min.) 16:59
Red Bull heads
By the way, Red Bull is not positive with Austin. The race in the United States was the last time that any Red Bull completed Formula 1 session in the first place. Max Verstappen decided to be the fastest time in Mexico as well as a win, and Ricciardo put the pole in print. And of course, Verstappen got the best time of the day again. Can Ferrari and Mercedes in the second practice repeat the usual order?

16:39 clock
Toro Rosso Power Unit
What specification is Hartley and Gasly now driving this weekend? A few days ago, they were still confident that the latest version, Specification 3, will be reused here. Chief of staff, Franz Tost, says at television during the first free practice session: "We are still on the road with the Spec-2 today. Let's see what comes out of it." However, Tost shows that they are satisfied with Specification 3. And they are confident that Son-3 can be installed for tomorrow. Of course, there is no penalty. After all, the new Son 3 engines are only used before.

braking button
We've seen some of today's already. It is believed that everyone in the field of Formula One at least twice in the middle hairpin sector with the right base in the middle. There is still enough work to do to get everyone through the cars. Incidentally, Renault looked especially unhappy today. Hülkenberg and Sainz did not have a match compared to Haas.

Daniel Ricciardo is extinguishing

15:59 clock
Fittipaldi back in Form 1
No, not Emerson Fittipaldi. But grandson of Champs Formula 1 double, Pietro. Haas has just confirmed him as a test driver for the 2019. season. He will be driving Haas for the first time in Abu Dhabi. No race weekend, but next week. Since the Pirelli official test continues for the 2019 season. Fittipaldi will be sitting in Haas on the first day, and regular Grosjean and Magnussen drivers will get free.

15:47 clock
FP1 Result
This is the result of the first Brazilian training. Verstappen is at the top – but if we look at the sectors, then we have an information picture again. Red Bull really has no chance in the first two sectors, but in the middle sector, they bring everything back. Verstappen lost almost ten tenth to Hamilton in the final sector. The uphill power extract does not fit the Renault engine.

15:42 clock
Next Ricciardo penalty
Another penalty for Daniel Ricciardo. Turbo number … number … ah, number 6! Of two approved ones. It goes five further afield.

15:31 clock
The best time for Verstappen
In the first practice session for the Brazilian GP Max Verstappen, he set the first time with 1: 09.011 minutes, followed by Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. The top three were less than a tenth of the second separated.

14:57 clock
Exhaust oil at Bottas
At Valtteri Bottas the car is examined, because Mercedes is investigating oil leakage on the Silver Arrow. But not only is the Finn damned to watch it. Both Ferrari drivers are waiting for their car to finish. Once again the Scuderia examines the new sub-device.

Top ten at halftimePos.driver time
1 Hamilton1: 09.4232Shoot1: 09.4603Bottas1: 09.7264Ricciardo1: 09.7925Vettel1: 09.9736Räikkönen1: 10.0867Magnussen1: 10.7058Grosjean1: 10.7499Leclerc1: 10.84710Ocon1: 10.90514: 33 o'clock
Brazil has cleared up
In the first practice, it was clear that the track was much cleaner than in recent years at the beginning of the weekend. Before the weekend this year, the track was clearly cleared by high pressure cleaners.

14:18 clock
We have received the first material from our photographers. The best Interlagos pictures are always available in our updated gallery:

14:07 clock
Friday driver
On Friday there are three drivers on the road, which are not among the regular drivers. Country Norris, Antonio Giovinazzi and Nicholas Latifi are also responsible for McLaren, Sauber and Force India respectively.

2:00 pm
The first training of the Brazilian Doctor's Formula 1 is open.

+++ Formula 1 Interlagos 2018 ticker live: 1st free practice +++

13:55 clock
Weather update
So far, it's still dry here on the road. How the weather would be in the coming days, you can read here:

1:46 in
Ricciardo explains Mexico's frustration
After the failure of a Mexican Family Doctor he destroyed Daniel Ricciardo. There is no desire to drive this season. Before Brazil he explained the emotional impairment of his emotional clever driving this year.

13:37 clock
Stroll complains about Williams
It was not easy for Lance Stroll in the second season of Formula One. Also due to the delivery of Williams on one of his worst seasons. Canadian decision: There was no development.

1:25 in
Hamilton puts pressure
So far, Lewis Hamilton has only won once in Brazil. The Briton twice came to Interlagos as a world champion and looked genuine. He does not want to do so this year and is therefore under pressure.

13:19 clock
There is no Renault miracle in Brazil
Renault was suddenly back in the United States and Mexico. But Brazil is hoping to be worse again. There is a similar point result that they do not expect different reasons.

1:11 in
Steiner comes on Renault
Haas's relatively new team introduced Renault over the period of the season, who is still suffering in his third year on the return as a factory team. Although they are difficult to come for two strong weeks in the Builders' Championship, in Monza, according to Günther Steiner, the French challenged for despair.

13:05 clock
Welcome to Sao Paulo
We will welcome you to have a two-half race of the Formula 1 2018 season. But before the battle starts for the points, the 20 pilots must first heat. The first training starts at 14 o'clock. Where you can read the sessions here and where you can read here:

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