Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern München – Borussia Dortmund: Hitz – Piszczek, Akanji, Zagadou, Hakimi – Witsel, Weigl – Sancho, Reus, Bruun Larsen – Gotze
Bank: Oelschlägel (Gateway), Guerreiro, Toprak, Dahoud, Delaney, C. Pulisic, Paco AlcacerFC Bayern: New – Kimmich, Hummels, Boateng, Alaba – Martinez – Gnabry, Goretzka, Müller, Ribery – Lewandowski
Bank: Ulreich – Wagner – Sole – James – Rafinha – Will – SanchesSchiedsrichter: Manuel GräfeTore: 0: 1 Lewandowski (26.) >> UPDATE <<<">>>> Updated <<< 53.Spielminute: The Bayern Strike Back! Go Kimmich and Gnabry on the right. Müller provides his walk for the necessary space. Kimmich Lobs on Lewandowksi, which again provides for the Führung.51.Mometer minutes: The game must be all left. The BVB is coming back to Hakimi. However, the foil takes the opponent. 50 minute Game: BVB is back. The record creator creates … 49.Minute: Reus meets. Balance! 48.Spielminute: penalty Dortmund! Gräfe points to the point. Marco Reus should have a new cleansing. 47.Minute: Bayern fans are now warming up! 46 minutes: Mo Dahoud should do better now. Can the Bavarian party in Dortmund be ruined? It starts again! Halftime: Favre will change. Weigl must go down, but the sixties were only happy at the time. Hailf: Bayern comes out again. Can they follow their first half strong? Halftime: Bayern surprised here until now. Dortmund has major problems against a record storm champion. Although BVB has been in use of the lack of speed in the Bavarian defense, after Robert Lewandowski's goal the worm was in existence. The Bavarians took the plug from Dortmund. Can Favre have a Super Sprinter restored during the break? Or is Niko Kovac going to his master's exam? We know … 45.The minute of time: Halftime! Gräfe stops the Bayern-Zug for the first time. 45. Minimeters: We are much over time. Soon it should be over … 45. Minute: BVB gets a counter-revolution that has not been made for that purpose. Hakimi brings in, but Hummels plays the ball4.4.minute game: The training duel goes clearly to Niko Kovac. It seems that the Croat recognizes the weaknesses of Heimelf to confuse. 42.Spielminute: The BVB seems to be a bit overlapped. Favre seems to have been a bigger claim than ever before. Will Swiss bring their young wild horses back to the track at all times? 41 minutes: The Spaniard follows a short break in the treatment. 39 minutes: Reus brings the ball, but Bayern gets the ball clean. Waits Martinez. Zagadou touched the elbow. 38 minutes: Hummels Götze meets below 25 meters in front of his goal. That could be exciting … 37.Minute: Akanji looks yellow! The BVbler draws against Lewandowski the dirty. Gräfe accepts this game so far. 35.Spielminute: We have made a little bit of our eyes already. The record champion seems to have been restored. Gnabry and especially Ribery Swirl in the front, and Hummels and Boateng at the same time everything is under control. 33. June minutes: Next Chance Munich! Again, it is the French, but Hitz puts his shot on the way. Frank, we draw the hat. Chapeau! 31.Spielminute: BVB is now required. Bayern has been pulling a bit. Can Dortmund play the game too? 28. Minute: Evil action by Julian Weigl. Leon Goretzka gets an opponent from the legs. Gräfe draws the yellow card. 26.Spielminute: Greeting! Gnabry is perfectly inside and Lewandowski where it must stand. Its head is not sustainable. 24 minutes fun: what's going on here? The first Reus and Bruun Larsen will cope with the opponent's penalty area. A few seconds later Müller dies Rib Ribbon. Perhaps the largest one was if the German was running through a period of 23. Minute item: The Munich is becoming stronger at the moment. Kimmich lets the ball into the depth, Witsel clarifies in need. Was there a hand? 21.Spielminute: Copy the Bayern the idea of ​​yellow game. Glerzka plays a great deal on Müller who perfects the Lewandowski course. And then it gets very weak. The Pole plays a ball into anybody … 19.Spielminute: A picture unchanged in Dortmund! The Champions have more records, and the BVB switches at ball profit immediately. Have fun today! 17.Minute: The first prone to the Reds side! Ribery has a second job, Kimmich sees and puts across France. But Altstar lasts … 15.Mometer of the same: It's also a speed issue today. When things go quickly, wobble the Bavarians. Hummels and Boateng will not get behind.14. Minutes minutes: The game is very fun so far. The Bayern draws the game for himself, but Dortmund is extremely dangerous. 12 minutes: It's probably the right decision. Even if Weigl is fighting from behind in the 11 minute minute challenge: The Bayern protest. Lewandowski had gone before the edge of the box. 10.Spielminute: Bayern i luck! Marco Reus goes to the boxer loss of Bayern player in the middle of the field alone on the box. But the nerves do not participate. Press Reus too soon, so much open space would be before him. Neuer supports and keeps the ball safe.8. June minutes: Both teams go on incredible speed. As a fan you feel a bit like a tennis game. It's getting so fast back and forth! 7th Moment: The BVB is completely competing today. A yellow boy returns the bees again, but Reus makes the decision wrong.5.minutes: It's almost boomerang for Bayern. Sancho starts suddenly, but Ribery returns and leaves English. Wow! 5.Spielminute: And now the Munich has a second corner for the guests. 3, minute game: The master comes good record. The Bayern makes a powerful operation, although BVB takes the audience's role for the first time. Beginning courage 2. Minutes: The first little motivation! Goretzka Lewandowski is in a position. The Pole compiles Piszczek country. But the striker does not come to an end. The Bavarian Hunt begins. Kick out in Dortmund! +++ The actors go into the lawn. We're hot! +++ The teams are ready in the player's tunnel. The clock is ticking, to start soon. +++ BVB fans are using the superlatives game. The fans are crying "You will not walk alone." +++ Salihamidžić becomes the role of Borussia's best role. Small words that have not been part of the common vocabulary at Bayern for a long time. +++ Sports Director Hasan Salihamidžić defends himself against the rumors that James is sitting on the tribunal for disciplinary reasons. According to the media reports, the Colombian became too late for the last training, and Kovac was abducted from the eleventh. Information labeled by the sports director as "non-formation". Media and FC Bayern, probably less ineffective, are possible, except for one coalition. +++ Lucien Favre sees the best on Sky-Mikro: "No, both of these games want to win. The Swiss warns himself of aggressive power:" We have to be smart and clever against such teams, we can not get unnecessary anti-contracts, but of course we have to take risks, but smart risks. "+++ The record comes to heat up. BVB fans have a great deal on the Bayern in Signal Iduna Park. The explosion is visible. +++ Ironically, Kovac's most played game in the game. FCB's trustee tries to the same team and in a League game The Champions Against Athens. This was not expected. However, James could be promoted to the bank. +++ In the case of Bayern, the game could be a point Breaking season caste. If you hit Dortmund in your own prevention, d Säbener Straße could have a thick air to have a history. But Kovac is spending his masters exam today and will be lonely soon. +++ For the first time in more than six years, the recorder's role plays the game. Otherwise, BVB went into the game as otherwise. Is Germany's power balance in Germany moving? In less than three hours we will know more. +++ Lucien Favre admits with his player's choice. Goalgetter Alcacer finds himself only on the bench again. Götze is allowed to play instead. No designation of Julian Weigl would have succeeded. In regard to it, Delaney must give way. The beginning of the BVB: Hitz – Zagadou, Hakimi, Sancho, Gotze, Reus © ️, Akanji, Piszczek, Witsel, Weigl, Bruun Larsen#BVBFCB– Borussia Dortmund (@BVB) November 10, 2018 +++ Bayern on Twitter confirms the list already announced. +++ Is the Bayern eighteen to start? New – Kimmich, Hummels, Boateng, Alaba – Martinez – Gnabry, Goretzka, Müller, Ribery – Lewandowski … at least Sky reports. Officially, the line has not yet been confirmed. Was the mole already in the way? +++ It is clear that Niko Kovac James Rodriguez was destroyed the first. The Columba really meant to start the eleven, as reported by the BILD. But the quality of stalking should now get the trouble in the last few days. You can find out more about the game in our countdown ticket. Read all the new developments here in our game ticket. +++ Hello and welcome the live ticket for the series summit between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich! Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Bayern Munich: Preliminary Report A laugh at the football heart: Friday Saturday, it comes to the best Bundesliga game between the leaders of Borussia Dortmund and the actual dog of the Bayern FC. But this time the Prestige duel starts with different signs: the Munich broadcaster is not the best player in the game, but the host BVB. There were four black and yellow points before the direct tension before the record games – even if the Borussia was killed at home. Even President Uli Hoeneß is facing the unusual German classic and he does not see her Bayern but posted outside. "We're not as happy as you all believe," the superintendent club leader tried to try the unusual role: "You can not drive to Dortmund and say, I'd like to withdraw three. There's a very good season Dortmund so far. We're not going to Dortmund as you just like others from the first time for a long time. "In the eleven final games, FC Bayern and Dortmund play a more difficult role. But Hoeness is likely to want a little pressure on them to blame them – in the light of the mixed sports week of the recent criticism of the coach Niko Kovac, the team and also at the club's leadership are becoming higher. The goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski, who has put the money against AEK Athens 2-0 in the Champions League Wednesday. "Dortmund has a good shape. But we know we can also be good. We still have big players and we can still do something alone," explained the Pole before the duel against his club it was there. Personality has changed slightly in the record tree. Thiago Thiago and Corentin Tolisso injured, Kingsley Coman trained after their ankle injury, who was first back to court, but counting against the BVB that is not yet in the squad. Le Arjen Robben is the use on the edge – the Dutch is still struggling with knee problems. So Bayern could play a new play – Kimmich, Süle, Hummels, Alaba – Javi Martinez – Müller, James – Gnabry, Ribery – Lewandowski


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