They snatch 49ers victory to Dallas

They snatch 49ers victory to Dallas

Santa Clara.- Dak Prescott made the most of his brief appearance in the preseason opening game for Dallas by throwing a 30-yard scoring pass to rookie Michael Gallup before the San Francisco 49ers rallied with two touchdowns to beat them. Cowboys 24-21 last night. Nick Mullens threw a 7-yard TD pass to Richie James Jr. with 18 seconds left to finish the comeback. Jeremy McNichols scored in a 1-yard run with 4:24 for San Francisco. Jimmy Garoppolo of San Francisco did not fare as well as Prescott in his first game since signing a $ 137.5 million contract for five years. low season. More troubling for the 49ers was the fact that five players were left with injuries in the first 16 minutes of the game, including defensive starters Malcolm Smith and Solomon Thomas. Prescott did not participate in the first exhibition game last season, but had a series of action against the 49ers this year and it looked good. He completed all three pass attempts and converted a third chance and 9 with a 12-yard run. He capped his night with a deep pass to Gallup, who beat Jimmie Ward down the sideline. Ward started as cornerback in place of Richard Sherman, who is suffering from a hamstring injury. In the absence of three-time Pro Bowl receiver Dez Bryant and the retirement of 15-year-old tight end Jason Witten, the Cowboys are looking threats this preseason. Gallup, a third-round pick from Colorado State, has been impressive so far at camp.

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