The Baltimore Ravens (7-5) drive west to visit Kansas City and try to defeat Andy Reid's attack with the mighty Chiefs.

The Ravens will face Cincinnatti, Oakland and Atlanta in a game of three wins on Sunday. Each of the three victories they have won this season has come with Lamar Jackson starting at quarterback instead of the injured Joe Flacco.

The Chiefs struggled against the 13-week Raiders in the first week without Kareem Hunt, but managed to score 40-33 on the road. Their record in the season is 10: 2, with both losses coming to elite teams.

Kansas City arrives at week three with the number three of total offenses, but Baltimore holds the highest total defense in both yards and allowed points. The Ravens dropped 34-14 in their last match with the Chiefs, but have won their last four matches and are 2-0 in Kansas City.

Before the match on Sunday you will find everything you need to know here.

Jackson on the way, Pt. 2

Lamar Jackson will go to Arrowhead Stadium with a flawless 3-0 record as Ravens quarterback, though it could be misleading. While Jackson has at times shown his enormous talent, his Guady record was carried by the competition. The Bengals, Raiders and Falcons had big problems this season, especially on the defensive side of the ball, and the first two matches took place in the comfort of M & T Bank Stadium.

This Sunday, Jackson will not only (probably) begin his second consecutive street game, but he will do so in one of the toughest environments in professional football. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest places in the NFL, and the Chiefs are easily the best team Jackson has ever seen.

They are still fighting for the defense, but pressure will be put on Jackson to match Patrick Mahomes and the acclaimed touchdown of Kansas City, which will not be easy in such a relentless environment. It will not help that Jackson, who grew up in Florida and played his college ball in Louisville, plays at 39 degrees with the temperature.

For Jackson it will be important to focus the ball better on an opportunistic defense of the Chiefs in front of their home fans. A few of Jackson's interceptions were on tilted balls, but the five fumbling moves in three starts are a bigger problem. It is likely that the ravens will continue their recent bottom-hungry approach, and Jackson needs to improve his handling of the ball. Slapping handoffs or keeping the ball in one hand results in more fumbling, more sales, and better opportunities for a Chiefs attack that does not require help.

Of course, all of this is linked to the limitation that Joe Flacco theoretically could offer for this game. It's even possible for both quarterbacks to see the field.

This would be an interesting turn of events. There is an old saying in football: If you have two quarterbacks, you have none. With the drastically different approaches that the team can follow with Jackson and Flacco, it could be useful to roll out Flacco to unbalance the Chief's defense.

He would still have to prove himself perfectly healthy and it would be an unorthodox approach by John Harbaugh, but with the Ravens still in an air battle for the AFC playoffs (and possibly the AFC North title), Nothing seems to necessarily leave the table for this offense.

Unstoppable force against immovable object

It's an old cliché, but a fitting one for this clash of teams with radically different identities. While much of the attention that comes into the game will be focused on the Ravens quarterback situation, the game is likely to be won / lost on the other side of the ball.

Patrick Mahomes has been using defenses throughout the season and is one of the favorites to receive MVP awards this season. He has many weapons, including one of the NFL's fastest players in Tyreek Hill. Travis Kelce will also pose a major threat, especially to a Ravens defense whose major shortcoming might be to overcome narrow borders. It will not be more difficult from this perspective than Kelce, who is the best all-round final in the league today.

Scheme will play a big role as Andy Reid has found a way to harness the potential of Mahomes by putting the right Paly at the right time all year round. Mahomes was unbelievable, no doubt, but it helps if Hill and Kelce are constantly tearing in the field. It will be a big task for the Ravens Secondary to keep going, and Marlon Humphrey will train on Friday after being lost a few weeks before the week, which is very good for the team's chances.

The Ravens have finally started turning the ball on the defensive again and have made defensive touchdowns in consecutive weeks. They were helped by their attack on the ball control, and the defensive playmakers were well rested in the crisis.

Distracted chiefs

An area where the ravens could really benefit is on the ground. Video by Kareem Hunt, who showed up a woman in a hotel last week and has since been released from the team. It's a long, not-ending story, and its problems are far greater than the football game, but in the short term it makes the work of the ravens a little easier (emphasis on light).

In this era, passing is worth much more than rushing, but Hunt was still a unique playmaker with groundbreaking talent. Spencer Ware is one of the better backups in the NFL, but he can not handle Hunt's attacking ability, and Baltimore's front seven should have no problem overcoming the attack on Kansas City.

It will also be interesting to see the Chiefs continue to react to losing one of their best players from an emotional point of view. In their first game without Hunt they had to face Oakland, and although they had more time to digest what happened, this will be their first tough opponent without the star running back. The ravens can only be well-built to slow down, if not stop, the chiefs' insult.

However, it is easier said than done, even for a defense that only allows 4.62 yards per game in the season, which is beneficial for the best in the NFL. If Mahomes and his playmakers bring their "A" game on Sunday, the current rules in the NFL will make it almost impossible for the Ravens to stop them. Don "Wink" Martindale and his team will have both hands full.

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Ravens Vs. Chiefs Week 14

Who: Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs

What: Week 14 regular season

When: Sunday, December 9, 2018, 1:00 pm ET

From where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, United States of America

TV channel: CBS

Live broadcast: Watch now with fuboTV – Try Free Trial

Radio: WBAL New Radio 1090 and 98Rock

Weather: 39 degrees, mostly sunny

Regular seasons of Ravens 2018:

Week 1: Sun, 9/9. Ravens against bills. Win, 47-3 (1-0)

Week 2: Thur., 9/13 Ravens in Bengals. Loss, 34-23 (1-1)

Week 3: So, 9/23 Ravens Vs. Broncos. Win, 27-14 (2-1)

Week 4: So, 9/30 ravens at Steelers. Win, 26-14 (3-1)

Week 5: So, 10/7 ravens at Browns. Loss 12-9 (3-2)

Week 6: So, 10/14 ravens at titans. Victory 21-0 (4-2)

Week 7: So, 10/21 vs Saints, 16:05 loss, 24-23 (4-3)

Week 8: Sun, 22.10. @ Panthers, 1:00 pm loss 36-21 (4-4)

Week 9: So, 11/4 against Steelers, 13:00 loss 23-16 (4-5)

Week 10: BYE week

Week 11: Sun, 11/18 Vs. Bengals, 1:00 pm Victory 24-21 (5-5)

Week 12: Sun, 11/25 Vs. Raiders, 1:00 pm Win 34-17 (6-5)

Week 13: Sun, 12/2 @ Falcons, 13:00 o'clock victory 26-16 (7-5)

Week 14: Sun, 12/9 @ Chiefs, 13:00

Week 15: So, 12/16 against Buccaneers, 13:00

Week 16: Sat, 22.12. @ Chargers, 8:20 pm ET

Week 17: Sun, 30.12. Against Brown, 13:00 clock



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