The shield is not touching, at the moment

The shield is not touching, at the moment

Three weeks before the meeting of delegates, Barça brand managers installed a dummy at the entrance to the offices with the new shield. "And 90% of those who passed through or did not realize". It was not the only test. A few months earlier, when they already had the proposal of a new coat of arms on the table, they used it printed in internal documents "to see what happened," and went completely unnoticed. Now, the day the partners had to give their approval, when everyone looked at it with magnifying glass, it became apparent that it generated controversy. The rest is already known: an effervescent debate and President Bartomeu canceling the vote at the last minute.

Two days later, in the noble offices of the Camp Nou they are still in a state of shock so he went to the Palau Blaugrana. "We knew that the vote would be adjusted, we already had inputs. But in no way did we expect that, "recognizes one of the sources consulted. Bartomeu explained Saturday, at a hot pace, that the board would begin a "reflection process" to understand what happened. Yesterday, in an interview with Catalunya Ràdio, the only one who has granted since the meeting, insisted on the need to renew the badge, although with a nuance: "The new shield will not be what we have proposed, since he does not have enough consensus; It's over because it has become clear that I do not like Barça partners. "

Need to renew

Because, if one thing is clear to the club, it is that the shield must be renewed. "And it will be renewed, be it with this board or with the next, because it is necessary to adapt to the new times," they commented from the offices, where they put as an example that, if somebody said to return to the shield that there There was in the 90s, a badge that generated absolute consensus in its day, the proposal would end up rolling down because everyone would see it going to be a step backwards.

However, one of the problems is that the club does not finish knowing what the new shield has failed. They have an approximate idea, the acronyms. But will this be enough? "We know that the opinion was opposite, but we do not know exactly why. It was not clear. There was talk of the acronyms FCB, which did not appear in the proposal. But, if we add them, it is not guaranteed that the problem be addressed. That is why we need a reflection process, "says an authorized voice.

"There were many doubts as to whether the assembly was sovereign to decide on a shield change. We will reflect on it; maybe we should bring it to a referendum, "added Bartomeu yesterday. Since it is about modifying a point in the statutes, only the assembly is sovereign to change the design, and theoretically with a two-thirds approval. One of the options that meditate on the club is that the assembly approves a referendum to modify the shield.

The brand of the future

Surely, the big problem is that the club made the changes with the boss and the partners voted with the heart. The doubt, which Bartomeu has not yet solved, is to know what will happen in the future: if the Summa company is to rely on another redesign or will be in charge of another site. From the club, they emphasize that Summa did an "impeccable" job and say that in the world of design there is consensus in this regard. "If someone has criticized it, it has been to say that we had been short, that we could still go further."

Those who followed the evolution of the shield proposal commented that there were some options on the table that were discarded. For example, to make fewer Barça clubs or modernize the ball. What was clear was that the shape could not be touched, as did Juventus, who replaced the traditional shield for one J Made with two black stripes and one with white. "There they were brave, there were fifteen days of controversy and then it was already. Here we already knew that it was impossible at all. "

Waiting for this new badge, which will be approved by this board or another, which will not stop is the process of modernization of the Barça brand, which goes through unifying criteria when selling the product. Or, said with a flatter language, that each area follows the same patterns of design, be it in social networks, presentations to the public or when looking for new sponsors. These changes, which did not appear in the statutes and did not need the approval of the assembly, have been progressively introduced in recent months. In the future, some more will be added.

There is consensus in the club about the need to adapt to new technologies. Now we just need the future with romanticism. The latter is the most difficult of all.


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