The reason why Alex Bregman has grudge against the Diamondbacks

The reason why Alex Bregman has grudge against the Diamondbacks

Alex Bregman

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Alex Bregman has a lifetime of his life and is currently one of the essential players in the Astros Houston line, rather than being an important player in winning the world series last year. But things could be very different if the Diamondbacks made a decision a few years ago.

In 2015, it was estimated that Alex Bregman was the first draft, which was related to Arizona Diamondbacks. However, choose the Dansby Swanson desert rather than Bregman; but the Astros Houston did not take the opportunity and chose it as the second in the draft.

After doubling today today, Alex Bregman is the first 3B in the MLB history with 30 HR and 50 2B in one season ……. he is the first player everywhere from Albert Pujols 2012.– ESPN Stations & Information (@ESPNStatsInfo)
September 12, 2018

However, Bregman does not forget and he is still grudge against the D-Backs without choosing it as the first draft, according to Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic paper:

At the time I was drafting, I was pleased to find an organization like the Astros, who was coming up. But yes, I was sad with the D-Backs, because I wanted to be the first draft pick, that is why I have to number two, to remember me that moment.

However, however, with the World Series behind it, it's unlikely that Bregman is beyond worrying, and I'm sorry because it was not first selected in that year's draft.


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